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Sheepskin in the office

Sheep Skin in your Office

Sheep Skin in your Office


 Genuine sheepskin is an incredibly inviting decorative piece that is very appealing and welcoming to the eye. Adding a sheepskin rug into the office is a great way to incorporate personality, comfort, and texture. It has that ability to reach the viewer visually and sensually by its soft surface and its varied characteristics.

Ivory White Sheepskin Rug and Onyx Black Sheepskin Rug

Ivory White Sheepskin Rug and Onyx Black Sheepskin Rug


A Sheepskin rug can easily be incorporated into an office space as easily as it can be a part of home decor. The texture of a sheepskin can enhance any space it is put into. For instance, placing a sheepskin pelt on top of office furniture such as a chair enhances the presence it brings to a room. Sheepskin rugs bring a variety of looks to a room thanks to it’s unique texture and luxurious length. Incorporating sheepskin into an office space can add a touch of chic sophistication or it can be a great way to bring nature into your surroundings.

Twilight Sheepskin Rug

Twilight Sheepskin Rug

Usually when one imagines an office they imagine a bland looking space that embodies a cold environment. It is becoming apparent that being able to add personality and comfort to your work environment is very crucial towards one’s attitude towards their job. This material can transform your work space into something more comfortable and easy to mix within the office space. Sheepskin is especially comforting if one works in an environment that encounters cold weather, having that opportunity to incorporate a texture such as sheepskin really warms up a space.


sheepskin office

sheepskin office

Adding sheepskin into an office space offers an employee the chance to exhibit personality and style in their own way. We as a general population spend many waking hours in our work space. Employees as well as employers should take the chance to really make your office space your own. We all inhibit an ability to display physical symbols that are close to us; this enables us to project the symbolic statements that reinforce self-view. Such as a poster or a pebble that is of sentiment. Regardless of the obscurity it may bring to the viewer, it projects that one could be a sentimental individual or that it could mean that one loves nature. This exudes the person’s personality and the things they like through the decor they present.

Sheepskin for your Wedding!

sheepskin banner 1

Every bride dreams about planning the perfect wedding that is filling with personal detail and unique surroundings. Couples want to communicate who they are through the little details that all their invited guest experience. This is not without the help of the décor that is thoughtfully and carefully fashioned around the ceremonial and reception areas.

Single Sheepskin Rug in Paco

Single Sheepskin Rug in Paco

There is always a bigger or better way of contributing décor to enhance the vision that was once dreamed. In the past there has been bridal parties that have incorporated sheepskin rugs to vividly enhance their wedding theme. Some themes that have become prevalent with the décor of incorporating a  New Zealand Sheepskin are of course none other than the winter wedding, bohemian wedding, and the industrial style woodlands wedding.

These styles have all become more mainstream, mainly because of the willingness of the DIY bride herself. This goes back to giving the occasion a personal touch. Couples who are getting married today are contributing more when it comes to showing how much personality they put into their joyous event. Incorporating aspects such as warmth and comfort really enforce the guest to feel more at home when laying genuine sheepskin rugs on any surface.

Single Sheepskin In Espresso

Single Sheepskin In Espresso

Like most furs, sheepskin has always been a neutral texture that melds well with other textures and fabrics. For instance, our Ivory White Sheepskin would go great with any themed wedding that looks to nature as an inspiration.  Winter wedding are events that can go either rustic or extremely glamorous. These sheepskin rugs can also balance out the look of a chic wedding that has incorporated dark tones or almost clinical looking furniture. The contribution of the sheepskin rug can brighten and warm up any setting and is also such a great form of decor in that of its versatility.

Valley Wedding

Valley Wedding

Decorating with Sheepskin

sheepskin town banner 2


There are plenty of factors to consider when incorporating a luxurious natural material such as sheepskin. Genuine Sheepskin can add such different elements into a space that draws a person’s eye to the texture, feel, and color of the pelt. A room is a multi sensory experience, so it should stimulate visually and textually.

Texture and lines

texture and lines

The textures of a natural sheepskin pelt can extenuate the look of a hard surface area like wood or marble counter tops. Sheepskin can soften a hard, almost, clinical looking room and transform it into a soft and welcoming environment. This natural material works well contrasting the harshness of age with another material like wood flooring or exposed piping. Our Sheepskin Area Rug in Dover Grey would contrast perfectly with distressed wood and is a great alternative to a warm tone.

Single Ivory Sheepskin Pelt

Single Ivory Sheepskin Pelt

The color of a sheepskin hide can ignite visual energy that will contribute to a room. If you plan on choosing a color pallet with a lot of neutrals, then incorporating sheepskin with some color will give the room more dimension and balance. For instance, placing colourful accents in a neutral toned space incorporates dimensions and variety visually. Our Sheepskin Rugs are a perfect example of how one can easily add color to a neutral pallet space. These luxurious rugs are offered in rich colors such as fiord blue, floss pink, and meadow green. Adding accent colors also give one the opportunity to experiment with bold colors that others usually would shy away from.

Candy Floss Pink Sheepskin Rug

Candy Floss Pink Sheepskin Rug

Adding layers such as sheepskin rugs in a neutral pallet room ensures that the space will not seem flat and bland, as well as soften any hard lines that a room may have. In addition to the texture, shiny objects are a great contrast to the soft and natural look of fur.

Single Sheepskin Rugs

Single Sheepskin Rugs

Incredible Benefits Of Sleeping On Wool

Wool has many benefits, but some of the best benefits are when you sleep on wool bedding. Since wePaco Longwool Sheepskin Pillow spend so much time sleeping, it makes sense to invest in items that can help us sleep better.  Here is a list of some of those amazing benefits.

  • There have been studies done that show your heart rate lowers when you sleep on wool as compared to synthetic materials, which results in a deeper sleep. It breathes better than synthetics and helps to increase periods of deep rem sleep.
  • Wool is therapeutic as it can help prevent bed sores and provides great comfort for anyone who spends a long time in bed.
  • Wool is an amazing insulator as its warm in the winter and cool in the summer, because it breathes with your skin. This helps regulate your body temperature all year long.
  • Due to wool’s natural springiness it provides excellent support to help relieve pressure points and muscle aches. Also, people who suffer from fibromyalgia, arthritis and rheumatism can get relief due to the natural cushioned softness from wool.
  • An added benefit of wool is that it is naturally very flame resistant so it helps to provide a safer sleep. It is also used in mattresses to have them meet fire safety codes without using toxic chemical flame retardants.
  • Wool is naturally hypoallergenic which lets people with chemical sensitivities sleep without suffering if the wool is untreated.
  • Dust-mite allergens are a leading trigger for asthma attacks, but dust mites need moisture to survive, and since wool is excellent at wicking away moisture, they don’t like wool. Other types of bedding, such as down, feathers, or synthetic materials are more of a haven for dust mites.

Sleep is a huge part of our lives and crucial for good health, so it is very important to get a great nights sleep. Let wool be nature’s natural answer to help give you the perfect sleep.

Brief History Of The Flight Jacket

World War one & two had a large and important influence on sheepskin flight jackets. We will exploreBlack Ultimate Aviator Hat some of this rich history and the impact it had on these jackets. In world war one most airplanes did not have an enclosed cockpit, so the pilots needed to wear something to keep them warm. World war two saw planes flying at even higher altitudes which caused cockpit temperatures to be even colder, so the need for a thick, warm flight jacket was essential equipment.

The U.S army had established the Aviation Clothing Board in 1917 and began distributing heavy duty leather flight jackets to help keep the pilots warm. These jackets came with high wraparound collars, zipper closures with wind flaps, snug cuffs and waists and some were trimmed and lined with fur.

The best known and most historical flight jackets in the United States are the A-2 and G1 jackets. In addition to these jackets, shearling jackets were recognized for being the warmest flight jackets. A shearling coat kept Lt. John A Macready  warm enough to set a world record in April 1921 when he reached an altitude of 40,000 feet in his open cockpit style plane.

Today flight jackets are usually associated with the MA-1. These coats have become very popular worldwide as they are very warm and comfortable. In North America they also known as bomber jackets, in particular in the colder areas.

Flight jackets that were born out of the need to keep early pilots warm, have become a worldwide fashion staple that keeps people warm and stylish.

Amazing Products That Come From Sheep & Wool

Sheep produce an amazing variety of different products that can be used for many purposes. We will goMidnight Black Longwool Pillow over some of the more popular products that come from sheep and what they are used for.

  1. The most widely known sheep product is wool , which is used in many different types of clothing. It’s also used to make carpets and other diverse products, such as being used to fill mattresses and create tennis ball covers.
  2. Lanolin or wool wax, is a byproduct of wool. Lanolin is used in cosmetics and pharmaceuticals, as well it is used in making tape, printing inks and motor oils. Almost all beauty aids such as lipsticks, mascara and shampoos contain lanolin.
  3. Sheep cheese is used to make some of the world’s most famous cheeses . Cheeses such as Rogquefort, Feta and Ricotta are made using sheep’s milk. Sheep’s milk is also used to make yogurt, butter and ice cream.
  4. The skins from the sheep are used to create high quality leather. Also, sheepskin is commonly used to make the chamois cloth that is used for car washing.
  5. Persian lambskin is often used in fur coats and in fur trimmed accessories.
  6. Alternative uses for wool are increasing. For example, bricks reinforced with wool are stronger and less toxic than traditional bricks.
  7. Wool is being used for science and technology as the wool proteins are being used to create new wound dressings, bone graft implants and medical sutures.

As you have just read, you can see just how versatile sheep are and how they are used for so many items. So when you next wear your wool sweater, remember how amazing sheep really are!

Keep Warm & Stylish With Sheepskin

Winter may be cold and uncomfortable, but due to the marvels of sheepskin, you can take the bite out of winter’s coldTan Shearling Sheepskin Igloo Gloves with various sheepskin clothing accessories. Sheepskin is breathable and very warm, making it the perfect fiber for staying warm all winter.  Here are some sheepskin fashion ideas to help you tackle winter’s cold.

  • Sheepskin coats are a great choice to help keep out winter’s biting cold. They are stylish and are very warm due to the combination of the sheepskin exterior and wool interior.
  • Sheepskin gloves are the perfect accessory to go with your coat, as they are stylish but very functional. These gloves are naturally breathable which keeps your hands warm, without sweating.
  • Sheepskin hats are a needed option, due to the heat loss that occurs from having your head exposed to the cold. Once again, due to the marvels of wool’s breathable and moisture absorption abilities, your hat will keep you dry and warm.
  • Stay warm around the house with sheepskin slippers as they are very warm and cozy. Also, due to wool’s amazing properties, these slippers will keep your feet dry and help to reduce foot odor. An added bonus to sheepskin slippers is that they have anti-bacterial qualities which helps to heal foot sores.
  • For the final touch, get some sheepskin boots, as they will keep your feet warm and dry. Wool is excellent at moisture absorption, so this will prevent sweat build up in your boots.

Now you can get out and enjoy winter in warmth and comfort,  knowing that these fashion accessories will protect you all winter.

Amazing Sheepskin & Wool Facts

Sheepskin is a very trendy and fashionable item to help you stay stylish and keep you warm all winter long.Women's Yukon Russian Ushanka Hat - Sheepskin & Suede However, sheepskin has many other unique and interesting facts that make it an important industry. Here is a list of  some facts about sheepskin and wool.

  • Sheep are produced in all 50 U.S. states, with the highest sheep producing states being west of the Mississippi river. This is where the larger ranches are located.
  • Wool is the world’s leading natural animal fiber.
  • Texas had the largest number of lambs as of January 1, 2014 at 740,000
  • U.S. sheep farmers produce a dual purpose animal that is valued for both its meat and wool.
  • The top 5 wool producing countries are: Australia, China, New Zealand, Russia and Argentina.
  • Some interesting uses of wool are: can be used to make insulation, hand made rugs, tennis balls, bedding products and cleanup pads for oil and chemical spills.
  • Wool is a very fire resistant fiber due to its very high ignition temperature point of 570 – 600 degrees Celsius. Also there are other unique properties of wool that create fire resistance, such as its high nitrogen and water content, and its self extinguishing properties.
  • The 2010 U.S. economic impact of lamb and wool, various meat and sheep cheese was $786 million.
  • Sheep’s milk is very nutritious and is richer in vitamins A, B and E, calcium, phosphorus, potassium and magnesium than cow’s milk.
  • In 2011 there were 1.04 billion head of sheep in the world.

Now you know more about this industry and have some amazing facts about sheepskin and wool.

Some Unique Uses For Wool

Wool is a very amazing natural fiber that can be used for so many purposes. Most people are aware of how its used for Medical_Sheepskin Wool_Pad_242various clothing items, but its use goes well beyond just clothing. Lets take a look at some of these very unique uses:

  • Wool is an ideal natural mulch for your trees or shrubs. It is porous and cooling for  plants, yet is resistant to weeds.
  • Audio insulation in amplifiers and speakers can be done with wool. This is due to its great ability to reduce sound transfer, vibrations and its natural heat resistance.
  • Sheepskin wool can used for dog beds, as they find them cozy and are amazing at absorbing moisture. This will dramatically reduce odor causing bacteria.
  • Due to wool’s strong fire resistance, it makes a perfect material for lamp shades, which helps to keep your home safer from fire.
  • Wool can be used for a wide variety of medical uses. It can be used for medical grade sheepskin pads to help prevent bed sores, and used to protect feet from friction.
  • Bricks reinforced with wool and seaweed are less toxic and stronger than regular bricks.
  • Wool is very useful when oil spills occur. Pads made with wool are used to help soak up the oil.

There are many more products made as well, such as tennis ball covers, pool table baize and hanging basket liners. So go out and get your wool products, as they are natural and better for you.

Wool: The Wonder Fiber

Wool is a natural fiber that has some very unique properties, which makes it an amazing natural fiber. Wool is used inWhite_Ivory_Sheepskin_Throw_Blanket_239 making many clothing items. Boots, gloves, hats and slippers are just some of the items made with wool. This fiber has such incredible properties that it warrants a list to showcase all its amazing benefits.

  • Wool is resistant to fire due to its high inflammation point. Also, the fiber contains high levels of moisture which helps to self extinguish the fire. This makes it a very safe natural fiber to have in your home.
  • It helps to regulate your body temperature to keep you warm in winter or cool in the summer.
  • Breathability is one of the strongest benefits of wool. It can absorb your body moisture and release it back into the air, keeping you dry and comfortable.
  • Wool makes a great investment since it tends outlast synthetic fibers.  Wool will resist snagging and breaking which makes it an extremely durable fiber.
  • Get a better sleep, when you sleep on or under wool. This seems to be due to its unique temperature regulating and moisture absorption abilities, plus the texture of wool. This is why sheepskin blankets are popular as they give you a great sleep and look amazing.
  • Wool is more comfortable than other fibers due to its elasticity. This is due to its natural crimp which allows it to bend and then spring back into place.
  • Water resistance is another important benefit, which makes it perfect for outdoor wear.

Now you know some of the astounding qualities of wool and how it can enhance your life with comfort and practical benefits.

The Queen, Kate Moss, now a Sheepskin Coat

British photographer John Rankin, was one of many fashion experts to be infatuated by this sheepskin creation from Kingston University Student Lauren Lake.

During Graduate Fashion Week, Rankin — famous for photographing the Queen, Madoanna, and Kate Moss —  sent his top assistant Trisha Ward to capture this image of her reversible pink sheepskin coat.


Rug + Chair Decor

The great thing about a sheepskin rug is that it can be used in so many ways. One of our favorite looks is to have it draped over a chair. It makes it that much comfier to relax on while reading a book or sipping on a cup of tea. And it truly brings a new level of chic into the room.

We love the way the sheepskin looks thrown over a round, basket-like chair like in the photos below. Why not try out this look in your home.


Stormy Sheepskin Decor

Among the variety of decor trends, one common element that will never take away from the overall look of a room is a sheepskin rug. If anything, a good sheepskin rug can pull the entire vibe together.

In this industrial style home, the Four Pelt Sheepskin Rug beside the bed really is the missing piece to the puzzle. With the stormy yet soft cloud mural in the background, the pillow-like textures of the sheepskin rug resemble the downy appearance of the clouds seen behind it.


Try adding a sheepskin rug beside your bed too add a dreamy feel to your room.

Sheepskin Solarium Sanctuary in the Hollywood Hills

This Hollywood Hills home to actress Katie Tarses and TV writer and producer Matt Tarses, is not only a Spanish-style sanctuary, but it’s actually centered around a huge solarium.

one_kings_lane_katietarses_2 one_kings_lane_katietarses_3

Not only is the structure stunning, but the eclectic accents seen throughout the house have a luxurious yet boho vibe to the decor.

one_kings_lane_katietarses_4 one_kings_lane_katietarses_entry

Sheepskin rugs are scattered from room to room, showing us just how easy it is to add a dash of sheepskin anywhere in your home.

Sheepskin at Tierra Patagonia Hotel & Spa

In Torres del Paine, Chile, you will find the Tierra Patagonia Hotel & Spa with its most exquisite architecture and sheepskin decor.


This world famous hotel offers unique relaxation in these hanging pod like chairs draped with sheepskin.


With a lake and mountain view, all rooms are decorated with authentic Patagonian and Sheepskin details, giving the rooms warmth and coziness.


The hotels palette of  wood, leather and wool seem soothing and ooze extreme comfort–it really is simple luxury at its finest.

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