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Celebrities Wearing Sheepskin

Everyone around the world is falling in love with sheepskin Boots & Slippers.

Check out this video of some of the worlds best known celebrities wearing authentic sheepskin boots & slippers.

Sheepskin Gloves & Mittens

This season add a pair of our stylish Sheepskin Gloves or Sheepskin Mittens to your wardrobe to keep your hands toasty warm in the coldest weather.

Sheepskin Slippers & Boots

The lambskin in these sheepskin slippers and boots isn't woven and then brushed up, like lambswool pile fabric that is loose enough to be pulled out or worn off.

Sheepskin & Lambskin Rugs

Our sheepskin rugs are made from natures softest, most desirable sheep skin available. Our rugs are made from only the finest sheep pelts available.

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