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Why a SheepskinTown Rug?

Shopping with SheepskinTown means getting the best quality at an affordable price. Here are some factors that separate our rugs from the competition:

Wool Density, Length & Loft

When selecting sheep pelts to construct our rugs, we hand pick only those with the longest and fullest wool. We choose top grade Merino sheepskin, which have an exceptionally high wool density. Wool density refers to the number of wool fibers per square inch.  Premium quality sheepskin has a fiber length of at least 3 inches. The thickness of the wool is another factor that separates our sheepskin rugs from the rest. The contrast in density can be seen, but is even more apparent when felt.

Wool loft is a fiber’s ability to stand upright. Our sheepskin rugs have wool fibers that retain their loft for many years. Inferior sheepskin rugs will have a lower fiber density that flatten much more quickly than a SheepskinTown rug.

Compared to the competition, the difference in wool length and texture is so extreme that it’s noticeable at a glance. Here is a side by side comparison that shows the difference in wool length, density and texture:

Competitors rug (left), SheepskinTown rug (right)

Wool Feel

A sheepskin should feel luscious, soft and full. Nothing compares to the texture of a premium sheepskin; the wool is long, soft like a cloud, and dense. When you first run your hands through a SheepskinTown rug, you’ll feel the difference that quality makes. Even in the above photo, the difference in texture is noticeable. 

Leather Texture & Thickness

The leather of a premium quality sheepskin rug is firm and fairly thick. It’s a strong material that has a supple, butter soft feel. The durability prevents wrinkles and other signs of wear. Lower quality leather will not possess the same durability, so the rug won’t last as long.

Shape & Size

Our sheepskin rugs dwarf those of the competition. Our natural single pelt sheepskin rugs are nearly twice the size of the rugs produced by our competitors. The shape of a premium quality sheepskin rug is full, with a rounded neck area. Lower quality sheepskin rugs can have pointed, jagged neck areas in order to meet certain length requirements. Because these are natural products, size and shape can vary slightly; this ensures that each rug is unique.

Here is a comparison showing the difference between the size of our rug and one of our competitors:

Competitors rug (smaller), Sheepskin Town rug (larger)


All of our sheepskin rugs are tanned in New Zealand. Nothing but natural New Zealand and Australian sheep pelts are used to construct our rugs. New Zealand and Australia are both world renowned for producing the finest wool and sheepskin. Our sheepskin rugs bear the Woolmark ® logo. Woolmark ® is the world’s most trusted textile fiber brand. They give customers assurance of the quality and content of the products that they endorse.

Free of Defects

Premium sheepskin rugs will be free of cracks, holes, scratches and other defects. It’s not unusual for lower quality sheepskins to have inconsistency in the wool and marks on the leather underside.

Free of Chemical Smells

Premium quality sheepskin rugs should be free of any unnatural smells. A smell may be noticeable in substandard sheepskin rugs due to the tanning and dyeing process. In New Zealand, we have access to the purest water in the world; we strive for the cleanest and most environmentally friendly tanning/dyeing processes.

Selection of sizes

In order to decide the size of sheepskin rug you  need, you first need to decide where you want to place the rug. You will want to consider the shape and size of the room, as well as the placement of furniture. To get a better idea of what size you need, we suggest taking measurements of the area you want to place the rug. Make sure to always leave space around the rug. A good rule of thumb is to leave at least 8-12 inches between the rug and the wall.

Our natural shaped sheepskin rugs are offered in 5 sizes (pictured below):

A single sheepskin rug is made from one sheepskin pelt, a double is made from two pelts sewn together, a quarto is four pelts, a sexto is six pelts, and an octo is eight pelts.

*The measurements for the natural shaped sheepskin rugs are taken from the widest and longest points on the rug.*

Sheepskin rug size chart

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