Medical Sheepskin Pads

Our medical sheepskin products are all made with genuine sheepskins. These sheep skins have been shorn to a length of 1.25” in order to distribute weight most effectively. This disperses pressure more evenly, which reduces bed and pressure sores. They are exceptionally breathable; this reduces excess moisture and prevents overheating. They come in a variety of forms including versatile pieces like our sheepskin pad. The same features are put to use in our sheepskin saddle padcollection. Take a look at our medical sheepskin products to see all of the ways it can improve quality of life.
Medical Sheepskin Pad
Medical Sheepskin Pad
(146 reviews)
Double Medical Sheepskin Pad
Double Medical Sheepskin Pad
(28 reviews)
Sheepskin Exercise / Yoga Mat
Sheepskin Exercise / Yoga Mat
(9 reviews)
Half Queen Medical Sheepskin Bed PadSpecial
Half Queen Medical Sheepskin Bed Pad
Sale Price: $249.95 
(8 reviews)
Sheepskin Knee Wrap PadMade in the USA
Sheepskin Knee Wrap Pad
(2 reviews)
Sheepskin Heel Wrap PadMade in the USA
Sheepskin Heel Wrap Pad
(4 reviews)
Sheepskin Forearm Wrap PadSpecialMade in the USA
Sheepskin Forearm Wrap Pad
Sale Price: $39.95 
(1 reviews)
Sheepskin Elbow Wrap PadSpecialMade in the USA
Sheepskin Elbow Wrap Pad
Sale Price: $42.95 
(1 reviews)
Sheepskin Crutch CoversMade in the USA
Sheepskin Crutch Covers
(6 reviews)

About our Medical Sheepskin

Medical sheepskin can work for people with various needs. It is great for someone who spends a lot of time in a chair, bed or wheelchair; it can reduce or prevent bed and pressure sores. Medical sheepskins have been used in hospitals and nursing homes for their healing and preventative qualities since the early 1960's.

What is Medical Sheepskin?

When producing medical sheepskin, our team selects sheepskins with the highest pile density; this dense pile provides support. Medical sheepskin is sheared to an even length of approximately 1.25 inches (30mm), which distributes weight. Medical sheepskins are specially tanned to ensure that the leather is pliable, and the entire pelt is easy to clean. This pliability allows it to conform to many positions. During the tanning process the sheepskin is also Sanitized®, which prevents fiber loss and makes the pelts very bacteria resistant.

Benefits of Medical Sheepskin

Evenly distributes weight

Evenly distributing weight is important when reducing and preventing bedsores. 1.25 inches is the ideal pile height to evenly distribute weight. The fibers are soft and springy, so it conforms to a person’s body. This relieves pressure where it tends to build, improving blood flow.

Reduces excess moisture

Excess moisture is a reason why bedsores develop. Medical sheep skin is perfectly suited to deal with this. It can absorb up to 33% of its own weight in moisture without feeling wet.  The fibers also release moisture back into the air at a quicker rate than other materials. Medical sheepskin’s ability to cut down on moisture makes it useful for skin irritations including rashes, itchy skin and eczema.

Acts as a natural thermostat

Sheepskin regulates body temperature; keeping a person warm without overheating. Sheepskin has hollow fibres, making it very breathable. This also works to reduce moisture buildup caused by sweat. 

Improves the health of skin

Lanolin in wool has qualities that can improve the health of skin; it moisturizes the skin while protecting against the buildup of excess moisture. This enhances the feel of skin and everyday comfort. Sheepskin is also naturally hypoallergenic and antibacterial. Lanolin has self-cleaning properties when left to air out.

Comes in many shapes and sizes

Medical sheepskin can be used on a chair, bed, wheelchair, or almost anywhere you can think of. It can also be used to ease soreness caused by crutches. To make sure that our medical sheepskin can help in as many situations as possible we offer wheelchair covers, chair pads, bed pads and crutch covers. We also have medical sheepskin wraps that can be used on a person’s elbow, knee, forearm or ankle. Take a look at all of the ways medical sheepskin can improve quality of life.

Easy to clean

All of our medical sheep skins are machine washable. Our ivory medical sheepskins can be washed at 100°F / 38°C, while our hi-temperature medical sheepskin can be washed at 176°F / 80°C. Washing the sheepskin at a higher temperature allows for a more thorough disinfection. The hi-temperature sheepskin is also resistant to staining such as blood and urine.

Recent Reviews About our Medical Sheepskin

Medical Sheepskin Pad
L.A. from AB Canada
Medical Sheepskin Pad
May 10, 2016
"Used for healing a pressure ulcer, very nice high quality product, simple ordering with fast delivery. Would definitely recommend"
Medical Sheepskin Pad
Gramadonna from California
Medical Sheepskin Pad
May 6, 2016
"I got this skin to use in my husband's wheelchair as a seat cushion. It works great. It's soft and flexible and he likes it a lot. Bought the crutch grips too. They are great."
Medical Sheepskin Pad
Tamara from Florida
Medical Sheepskin Pad
May 5, 2016
"Prompt shipment :) beautiful yummy yellowish color - very blush and soft. Mom is bed and chair bound - loves the feel - Very comfortable - helpful with bedsores ! For washing purposes I I would like to get another one while partially line drying this one"
Medical Sheepskin Pad
Chuck from Arizona
Medical Sheepskin Pad
May 3, 2016
"Arrived only yesterday. Appears to exactly match the Sellers advertisement. I ordered it for my Wife, who has advanced Alzheimer's. She is unable to walk or move about, so my fear is bed sores. I placed it on her lift chair, fits great, .... I hope $ pray it will "do the job. The Seller was really great -- answered my questions before I ordered, communicated well throughout the delivery process."
Sheepskin Crutch Covers
Darlene from Naples FL
Sheepskin Crutch Covers
April 21, 2016
"Perfect solution to soreness from the use of crutches... Ordered this and hand grips for my husband after ACL knee surgery. Great customer service and delivery ..."
Hi-Temperature Medical Sheepskin Pad
Steve from Rochester Hills,MI
Hi-Temperature Medical Sheepskin Pad
April 17, 2016
"Better than expected.Customer rep was very courteous and helpful. The product is nice and thick,very comfortable to sleep on. I use it winter"
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