4 Pelt Sheepskin Area Rug Collection

A quatro sheepskin rug is made out of four sheepskin pelts stitched together. A 4 pelt sheepskin rug is fitting for beneath a coffee table. They also work as an area rug in an office or screened in porch. It’s a great piece to fit in a smaller home or apartment. Pair one of these rugs with a sheepskin blanket for an element of sheep skin that runs through a room. Like all natural shaped sheep skin rugs that we have, they come in an assortment of colors. For a larger space we recommend looking at the extra large sheepskin rug collection.


About our Quatro Sheepskin Rugs

Sheepskin area rugs are a fine addition to any room. These quatro sized lambskin area rugs fill out any room with a healthy carpet that's soft on the skin. Quatro sheepskin rugs are made from four sheepskin pelts, and typically are 4x6ft in size. They are some of our largest carpets.

Our world renown Bowron quatro sheepskin shag carpets compliment all types of interior styles and needs. Our 100% genuine and natural sheepskin rugs amazingly add class and elegance wherever you place them in your home. Most often used as luxurious throw area rugs, they are equally at home draped over a chair, or anywhere soft, cozy comfort is desired. A quarto sheep skin pelt is made with 4 sheepskins and measures approximately 4 x 6 feet.

Some rooms require a large rug, and a quatro sheep skin area rug is often the perfect fit. Sheepskins (also known as Lambskin, or Lambswool) are known for their incredible softness and durable leather under side, making them great for babies, children, pets and adults. The cozy comfort provided by natural Australian sheepskin is a great fit for your home or cottage.

Bowron Sheepskin Rugs

Our sheepskin area rugs are designed and manufactured by the famed Australian sheepskin company Bowron. Imported from Australia, Bowron rugs are world renowed for their attention to detail and quality. Don't settle for lesser brands, buy a Bowron rug today. We have many colored sheepskin rugs from Bowron, including black sheepskin rugs, white sheepskin rugs, and many more.

Recent Reviews About our Quatro Sheepskin Rugs

Sheepskin Area Rug Twilight Four Pelt - Quatro (4x6 ft)
Bobbie from Midwest City, OK
Sheepskin Area Rug Twilight Four Pelt - Quatro (4x6 ft)
April 3, 2016
"Gorgeous!!! And I received it quickly. Thank you!!!"
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