Sheepskin Blankets and Throws

Sheepskin blankets and sheepskin throws make a great addition to any room in your home. As an accessory to drape over a couch or chair, or to use as a blanket when cozying up to the fireplace in winter, a sheep skin blanket is a great choice.

About our Sheepskin Blankets

Our sheepskin blankets are made from the finest quality Australian sheep skin pelts available. We have many colors of sheepskin throws to choose from. All of our sheepskin blankets have a longwool lambskin fur top side with a quilted satin bottom for the ultimate in warmth and comfort.

Recent Reviews About our Sheepskin Blankets

Chocolate Brown Sheepskin Throw Blanket
IR from Hamilton
Chocolate Brown Sheepskin Throw Blanket
January 17, 2014
"Product as described. Great Value. It was shipped same day. I paid for expedited shipping, sadly UPS took their sweet time. I was able to track the shipment. It was on the truck for delivery and then it went back to the depot. It was delivered next business day. UPS left it on my front porch. Other Nathan the courier. The rest of the experience was perfect"
Chocolate Brown Sheepskin Throw Blanket
sam from Cow Head
Chocolate Brown Sheepskin Throw Blanket
November 16, 2013
"Pros: Fast shipping, blanket very soft, what you see in the picture is what you get and nice colour. Cons: I can only review by my experience with other sheepskin items from other suppliers , the fur is not very thick but thin when you run your hands throw it. The blanket is made up of very thin strips and you can see quite clearly where they were sewn together and if you brush the fur towards the outer edges you may get the size you order. Product not bad but I seen better for the same price."
Midnight Black Sheepskin Throw Blanket
Don from Texas
Midnight Black Sheepskin Throw Blanket
February 19, 2013
"Very well made and even more comfortable than expected.We've had a cold winter for Texas.The only thing wrong with the two blankets we just got is we should have ordered them last fall."

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