Sheepskin Blankets and Throws

Curl up with a luscious sheepskin throw blanket. You can use one to add to your decor by draping a gorgeous sheep fur throw over a couch or chair. Pair a sheep skin blanket with sheepskin throw pillows and an extra large sheepskin rug to create a theme that runs through your decor. The comfort of Mongolian and longwool lambskin and is next to none, you'll love to cozy up with a book or a loved one by the fireplace on a cold winter night. They're exceptionally breathable so you can use these blankets year round without overheating.

About our Sheepskin Blankets

Sheepskin blanket decor ideas

Use our Mongolian sheepskin or Austalian longwool throws to add warmth and comfort, as well as some stunning pieces of decor. They can work in many places around your home, so your entire home will seem more inviting with sheep skin.

A sheepskin blanket in the bedroom

You can use a sheep fur blanket as a decorative addition to your bed, that can also add some comfort and warmth. Lie it on the end of the bed to keep your feet cozy and add texture or color to the bed design. You can do the same with a bedside chair.

Using a lambskin blanket as a throw in your living room

A lamb skin pillow can help you get comfy when want to read your favorite book in front of your fireplace, or curl up in your couch and enjoy a cup of warm coffee is a sheepskin throw. These are not only functional accessories, they also accentuate your home beautifully.
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