Sheepskin Saddle Pads

Take a look at our selection of sheepskin saddle pads and sheepskin saddle covers. These products are made to improve the riding experience and comfort for both rider and horse. The features of our medical sheepskin are put to use in our sheepskin horse tack products. A sheepskin saddle pad can significantly reduce stress on a horse while increasing comfort for the rider. A sheepskin saddle cover will greatly improve the comfort of the rider. Sheepskin is breathable, allowing it to act as a natural thermostat. It also evenly distributes weight, which can increase blood flow.

About our Saddle Pads

We offer an array of sheepskin horse tack and equestrian equipment. Our products will improve the riding experience for both the horse and the rider. They work as protective equipment to ensure the health and comfort of both rider and horse. Check out our selection of horse tack for western or dressage (English) style riding. We offer a full sheepskin saddle pad, half pad, saddle seat cover, bridle cover, halter cover, girth strap cover, as well as saddle blanket. All of our sheepskin horse tack from Engel sheepskin and is made with 100% medical grade sheepskin. Some products are for under saddle and others are for over saddle.

Sheepskin is exceptionally breathable, so you and your horse will not overheat. It is naturally soft and durable so it will do it's job for a long time. It's antibacterial and absorbs moisture at a very high rate.

Recent Reviews About our Saddle Pads

Fully Lined Sheepskin Saddle Half Pad with Pommel Roll Fully Lined Sheepskin Saddle Half Pad with Pommel Roll

dream acres from boyds, md
February 26, 2017
"Very pleased with the saddle pad. The sheepskin is very thick and soft, great quality and the price is very reasonable."
Fully Lined Sheepskin Saddle Half Pad with Pommel and Cantle Rol Fully Lined Sheepskin Saddle Half Pad with Pommel an...

Daniel from Montreal
January 31, 2017
"great product, nice and thick,holds my english saddle very well and in my opinion with a additionnal gel pad you can probably adjust your saddle to most horses, Fast shipping to boot!!!"
Sheepskin Dressage Saddle Blanket with Pommel Roll Sheepskin Dressage Saddle Blanket with Pommel Roll

ozblack from Vancouver, Canada
December 5, 2016
"I am delighted at the quality of this saddle pad. My husband and I both use sheepskin pads and have purchased from other retailers before. This pad is of a very high quality and at a better price. We will make our future purchases with Sheepskin Town!"
Sheepskin Western Saddle Seat Cover Sheepskin Western Saddle Seat Cover

LWcatmom from Mission Viejo, CA
December 3, 2016
"Using on Wintek full quarter horse saddle. Fits perfecctly. Was a little challenging to find rings to attach the strings but worked out fine. I broke my right rami bone (sit bone) 5 weeks ago and this felt like a wonderful cushy seat with the pad. Love it. Very easy to use their website"
Fully Lined Sheepskin Western Saddle Blanket Fully Lined Sheepskin Western Saddle Blanket

Lynn from Fallbrook, CA
November 12, 2016
"Beautiful pad"
Sheepskin Dressage Saddle Pad with Pommel Roll Sheepskin Dressage Saddle Pad with Pommel Roll

Salty from Langley, BC
October 15, 2016
"Great! Best pads ever!"

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