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Sheepskin Exercise / Yoga Mat



  • 100% Real Australian Sheepskin
  • Hypoallergenic Natural Sheepskin
  • Ultra Soft on Skin
  • Eliminates pressure points
  • Appx. Size: 42 inches x 27 inches
  • Durable & Machine Washable
  • Brand: Henan
  • Imported
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Henan™ Sheepskin Exercise / Yoga Mat

This 100% natural Sheepskin yoga mat provides a great sense of relaxation and comfort making your yoga experience much more enjoyable. Sheepskins natural fibers move with your body eliminating irritating pressure points allowing you to fully relax. Sheepskin is dirt and bacteria resistant and also absorbs moisture keeping you cool and dry while exercising. Available in 42 inches long x 27 inches providing you plenty of space.

Sheepskin wool is one natures most resilient and comforting resources. Its soft, hollow fibers breathe and help regulate body temperature which can fully enhance your yoga experience.

Customer Reviews for Sheepskin Exercise / Yoga Mat

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From: Ontario

Verified Buyer

Love it! Can't believe how quickly I go it! Great for yoga.

From: Montana

Verified Buyer

Love this! Great quality, quick shipping, great service!

From: Kansas

Verified Buyer

Beautiful clean sumptuous sheepskin. I use it for yoga and meditation even sleeping on (Naps and traveling) Love it!

From: san clemente

Verified Buyer

Quality...soft...perfect length. I like that the hair is not long but short and thick.

From: bc canada

Verified Buyer

I use the sheep skin on my thermarest inflatable mattress to alievate night sweat issues it is great no more night sweat issues. great quality trimed short the wool just right for the extra padding needed to sleep on my side as well

Sally Alleyseed
From: Denver, CO, USA

Verified Buyer

This is a beautiful piece that I got, not for yoga, but for cushioning a wedge I have to sleep on. I did not want to sleep on foam, and this is just great to cover it. Very nice quality.

From: Massachusetts - USA

Verified Buyer

This is wonderful

From: Massachusetts

Verified Buyer

I purchased this for myself(of course) but I placed it on my hubby's fav chair

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