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Superior Quality Sheepskin Rugs, Medical Sheepskin, Baby Sheepskin and other Lambskin Products

Established in 2006. Sheepskin Town is an authority on sheepskin, offering expert customer service and fast same day shipping from distribution centers in both Canada and the United States. Shop genuine sheepskin rugs with over 80 size and color options, a variety of stunning sheepskin apparel, and an entire category dedicated to sheepskin saddle pads. Sheepskin has many benefits that can't be emulated by other natural or synthetic materials. These features are perfect for shearling gloves, sheepskin hats, and shearling slippers. Specialized products like medical sheepskin pads and cozy soft sheepskin for baby are offered in many helpful applications. Treat yourself to natural sheepskin to enhance your life! + Read More...

Shop the Internet's largest selection of quality Sheepskin Rugs for floors, Medical Sheepskins for bed sores, Baby Lambskin for baby, and Sheepskin Pillows & Throws for the home. Shearling Sheepskin is this winters hottest Eco-friendly fashion. We offer a huge selection of Women's and Men's Shearling Sheepskin Slippers, stylish and fashionable Shearling Sheepskin Hats, and warm winter Shearling Sheepskin Gloves.

Sheepskin Rugs

Choose a Sheepskin Rug from our collection of Australian and New Zealand Long Wool Sheepskin Rugs. We offer Double, Quatro (4 pelts), Sexto (6 pelts), and Octo (8 pelts) Sheepskin Rugs in a variety of colors. Black Sheepskin and Ivory White Sheepskin Rugs are the most popular. We also have an extensive line of Designer Bowron Shearling Rugs. These designer square and round Shearling Sheepskin Area Rugs come in a variety of colors and styles.

Medical Sheepskins

Medical Sheepskin Pads are made with dense wool Sheepskin Pelts that are shorn to a short even height. They are an excellent natural breathable cushion to help those suffering from bed sores, aches and pains. Medical sheepskins are ideal as a throw on a sofa, bed or chair to make sitting more comfortable and to keep you warm but not sweaty. Available as single or double size Medical Sheepskin Mattress Pads. Using Medical Sheepskins can greatly enhance your comfort of living.

Baby Sheepskin / Baby Lamb Skin

Our Baby Sheepskin / Baby Lamb Skin and Stroller Sheepskin are designed for baby comfort. Made from 100% natural Lambskin wool, they help keep your child warm in the winter and drier and cool in hot weather. Use Baby Sheepskin as a comforter, a rug, or a mat for a baby to play on. Makes a great baby gift idea. The natural wool fibres absorb moisture, then release into the air allowing your baby to stay drier and comfortable at all times. We also offer a line of Kids Sheepskin Rugs in a variety of colors and designs.

Sheepskin Slippers / Shearling Slippers

Shop our Men's and Women's Shearling Sheepskin Slippers category for a great selection of Shearling Slippers and Sheepskin Boots. No man-made material provides comfort and style better than natural Shearling Sheepskin. Choose from Men's Sheepskin Slippers, or for ladies Women's Shearling Slippers as well as Men's Shearling Slippers for Men and Women's Sheepskin Slippers for Women. All of our slippers and boots are crafted of 100% washable Australian sheepskin, beware of "fleece-lined" imitations. Nothing compares to the comfort and durability you can expect when you purchase Genuine Shearling Sheepskin Slippers & Boots.

Sheepskin Gloves & Mittens

Shop our Shearling Gloves and Sheepskin Mittens category for a great selection of stylish Sheepskin Gloves and warm winter Sheepskin Mitts. No man-made material provides comfort and style better than natural Shearling Sheepskin. Choose from Men's Sheepskin Mittens for Men or warm winter Women's Sheepskin Mittens for Women. Stylish Women's Sheepskin Gloves, and Men's Shearling Gloves. All of our products are crafted of 100% washable Australian sheepskin, beware of "fleece-lined" imitations. Nothing compares to the comfort and durability you can expect when you purchase Genuine Shearling Sheepskin Gloves or Mitts.

At Sheepskin Town, you will find exceptional quality sheepskin products at wholesale prices. Our products are shipped factory direct to our customers from our USA and Canadian warehouses. We use only 1st quality Sheepskins from New Zealand and Australia. Many of our items are made in Canada and the United States.



What our customers are saying

Baby Sheepskin - Long wool Baby Sheepskin - Long wool
Verified Buyer

Joan from Longmont, CO
October 12, 2018

"This is the perfect size for a crib. It will be able to be used for many years. I am delighted at the look and feel of it. I am also glad that it is the byproduct of a meat factory. I think the young couple who are going to receive this as a gift will like that also. As they live in the mountains, this will be “warmly” recieved. It also got here extremely quickly. I was amazed at how fast I recieved it and how it was bagged. I definitely will buy another one down the road!"

Double Espresso Brown Sheepskin Rug - 2 Pelt (2x6 ft) Double Espresso Brown Sheepskin Rug - 2 Pelt (2x6 ft)
Verified Buyer

Jacki from NJ USA
October 12, 2018

"The product is beautiful. It's soft, well made, really amazing quality. My expectant daughter in law loved mine so I got her one. She couldn't be happier ! Thank you for a quality product and excellent service."

Eucalan Sheepskin Wash Cleaner and Brush Set Eucalan Sheepskin Wash Cleaner and Brush Set
Verified Buyer

Andie from Canada
October 11, 2018

"This worked so well! We have a sheepskin rug that our dog loves to lay on, and it was getting a love of love and use. I had washed it before but it left it feeling rougher in texture and certainly not as soft. This little package made it SO super soft, clean and like it was new."

Indoor/Outdoor Sole Sheepskin Cabin Slippers Indoor/Outdoor Sole Sheepskin Cabin Slippers
Verified Buyer

Steve from Colstrip,Mt
October 11, 2018

"Very nice and fit well."

Longwool Sheepskin Motorcycle Seat Cover Longwool Sheepskin Motorcycle Seat Cover
Verified Buyer

Thunderlizard from Waxhaw, NC
October 9, 2018

"Bought this for my Kawasaki Concourse sport tourer before a weekend ride. The quality and thickness are excellent! Beautiful piece of furniture. It was easy to trim and fit to the seat. I bought elastic from a craft store and attached it to the skin by making small cuts to pass the elastic through. It fits so well it looks like it was made for it. The leather is grippy enough that there is no movement. With my wife in the back, we both agree that this improved out comfort tremendously! And the grey really accents my bike. Quality product, timely shipping, fair price... It's hard to beat, especially compared to other providers. I was a bit concerned that the long wool would not be as comfy as shorn, and would matt down but nothing could be further from the truth. No matting, after two 8 hour days in the saddle, and plenty of cushion. We like it so much, we're going to buy the version for my wife's horse saddle. Nice work, SheepskinTown!"

Double Medical Sheepskin Pad - Grade A Double Medical Sheepskin Pad - Grade A
Verified Buyer

LOIS from Las Vegas NV
October 7, 2018

"Quality is great shipping was fast. Just wish it was wider."

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