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Superior Quality Sheepskin Rugs, Medical Sheepskin, Baby Sheepskin and other Lambskin Products

Established in 2006. Sheepskin Town is an authority on sheepskin, offering expert customer service and fast same day shipping from distribution centers in both Canada and the United States. Shop genuine sheepskin rugs with over 80 size and color options, a variety of stunning sheepskin apparel, and an entire category dedicated to sheepskin saddle pads. Sheepskin has many benefits that can't be emulated by other natural or synthetic materials. These features are perfect for shearling gloves, sheepskin hats, and shearling slippers. Specialized products like medical sheepskin pads and cozy soft sheepskin for baby are offered in many helpful applications. Treat yourself to natural sheepskin to enhance your life! + Read More...

Shop the Internet's largest selection of quality Sheepskin Rugs for floors, Medical Sheepskins for bed sores, Baby Lambskin for baby, and Sheepskin Pillows & Throws for the home. Shearling Sheepskin is this winters hottest Eco-friendly fashion. We offer a huge selection of Women's and Men's Shearling Sheepskin Slippers, stylish and fashionable Shearling Sheepskin Hats, and warm winter Shearling Sheepskin Gloves.

Sheepskin Rugs

Choose a Sheepskin Rug from our collection of Australian and New Zealand Long Wool Sheepskin Rugs. We offer Double, Quatro (4 pelts), Sexto (6 pelts), and Octo (8 pelts) Sheepskin Rugs in a variety of colors. Black Sheepskin and Ivory White Sheepskin Rugs are the most popular. We also have an extensive line of Designer Bowron Shearling Rugs. These designer square and round Shearling Sheepskin Area Rugs come in a variety of colors and styles.

Medical Sheepskins

Medical Sheepskin Pads are made with dense wool Sheepskin Pelts that are shorn to a short even height. They are an excellent natural breathable cushion to help those suffering from bed sores, aches and pains. Medical sheepskins are ideal as a throw on a sofa, bed or chair to make sitting more comfortable and to keep you warm but not sweaty. Available as single or double size Medical Sheepskin Mattress Pads. Using Medical Sheepskins can greatly enhance your comfort of living.

Baby Sheepskin / Baby Lamb Skin

Our Baby Sheepskin / Baby Lamb Skin and Stroller Sheepskin are designed for baby comfort. Made from 100% natural Lambskin wool, they help keep your child warm in the winter and drier and cool in hot weather. Use Baby Sheepskin as a comforter, a rug, or a mat for a baby to play on. Makes a great baby gift idea. The natural wool fibres absorb moisture, then release into the air allowing your baby to stay drier and comfortable at all times. We also offer a line of Kids Sheepskin Rugs in a variety of colors and designs.

Sheepskin Slippers / Shearling Slippers

Shop our Men's and Women's Shearling Sheepskin Slippers category for a great selection of Shearling Slippers and Sheepskin Boots. No man-made material provides comfort and style better than natural Shearling Sheepskin. Choose from Men's Sheepskin Slippers, or for ladies Women's Shearling Slippers as well as Men's Shearling Slippers for Men and Women's Sheepskin Slippers for Women. All of our slippers and boots are crafted of 100% washable Australian sheepskin, beware of "fleece-lined" imitations. Nothing compares to the comfort and durability you can expect when you purchase Genuine Shearling Sheepskin Slippers & Boots.

Sheepskin Gloves & Mittens

Shop our Shearling Gloves and Sheepskin Mittens category for a great selection of stylish Sheepskin Gloves and warm winter Sheepskin Mitts. No man-made material provides comfort and style better than natural Shearling Sheepskin. Choose from Men's Sheepskin Mittens for Men or warm winter Women's Sheepskin Mittens for Women. Stylish Women's Sheepskin Gloves, and Men's Shearling Gloves. All of our products are crafted of 100% washable Australian sheepskin, beware of "fleece-lined" imitations. Nothing compares to the comfort and durability you can expect when you purchase Genuine Shearling Sheepskin Gloves or Mitts.

At Sheepskin Town, you will find exceptional quality sheepskin products at wholesale prices. Our products are shipped factory direct to our customers from our USA and Canadian warehouses. We use only 1st quality Sheepskins from New Zealand and Australia. Many of our items are made in Canada and the United States.



What our customers are saying

Women's Black Alaska Sheepskin Mittens Women's Black Alaska Sheepskin Mittens
Verified Buyer

Zuzannah from Toronto, Canada
November 6, 2019

"Was so pleased with the quality of the mitts that I ordered the gloves and hat. Next purchase will be the slippers!! Prompt shipping and delivery."

Medical Sheepskin Pad - Grade A Medical Sheepskin Pad - Grade A
Verified Buyer

Sharon from Apache Junction AZ
August 15, 2019

"I bought this pad after buying the half queen bed pad. I am recovering from spinal surgery and this pad is perfect,I use it on my couch for when I need to rest . I also use it on the car seat when I have an appointment. This pad keeps me dry in the Arizona heat.i highly recommend this product"

Shorn Wool Sheepskin Motorcycle Seat Cover Shorn Wool Sheepskin Motorcycle Seat Cover
Verified Buyer

Johny Jay from Whitby
June 30, 2019

"Dad was having some discomfort using his scooter and heard sheepskin might help. Order arrived quite quickly. Great quality. Synthetics are no comparison to this product. He is enjoying a super plush comfortable ride. Even seems to be keeping his back cool in the latest heat. Website was super easy to use. Placed order from mobile phone while out to breakfast."

Nomad Mongolian Sheepskin in Champagne Nomad Mongolian Sheepskin in Champagne
Verified Buyer

Roger Erickson from Fort Lauderdale, FL
June 27, 2019

"I bought the Nomad Mongolian Sheepskin in Champagne and it is fantastic! It's exactly the perfect size for my chair. The quality of this product is remarkable, and makes a beautiful statement in my living room area. I'm glad I discovered Sheepskintown.com. Now if they can only get back in stock their spotted sheep skin throws :-)"

Sheepskin Heel Wrap Pad Sheepskin Heel Wrap Pad
Verified Buyer

Smitty from Camarillo, CA
June 25, 2019

"This is my 2nd purchase of the heel wrap pad. I have a bum left foot from too my surgeries. I use this at night so my right foot won't bang on the bad foot. This has been a blessing. Thank you. Now I can sleep during the night. And I don't wake up yelping with pain. :) Looking forward to my new heel wrap."

Sheepskin Area Rug Ivory White Four Pelt - Quatro (4x6 ft) Sheepskin Area Rug Ivory White Four Pelt - Quatro (4...
Verified Buyer

Peg from Ontario, Canada
June 23, 2019

"I know sheepskin helps for long car rides and for hip pain flare ups, but I don’t always remember. When I went looking for a new bed and mattress, my brain cells kicked in to jog my memory of the sheepskin. I bought my first double rug from these folks on a Friday, paid for traceable shipping from Winnipeg and got the rug on Monday. The first thing I noticed and loved was no plastic wrapping so no off gassing. I put the rug on the bed, laid on it and woke up four hours later, pain-free in the hip and in the knee, and the frozen shoulder not as painful. I was sold. I got online to rave about sheepskin. Friends in the US started asking questions, and buying. Some started with a single pelt, cautious whether sheepskin could help their pain. Others went for the double right off. (Not everyone ordered from here, some did and raved about the comfort.). Meanwhile I debated the quatro four pelt as I am a side sleeper known to ramble during a sleep. Within the week I ordered the four pelt, again paid for tracking, and got it in two days. The pelt is heavy, a friend placed it on the bed for me (I am much weaker than most), then she placed the double on the recliner before leaving. I sat down to finish an iced drink, and woke up nearly two hours later, well rested from the sheepskin. I sensed I might be able to still sleep, made my way into the bedroom, and managed another four hours on the second new sheepskin. And woke up still pain-free. And stayed pain-free for another hour. Since getting and using these sheepskins, I’m not waking from pain. My bladder is doing the waking. For those dealing with pain issues, you know about the constant exhaustion that comes with pain, the balancing act between using prescribed opiates and wanting a clearer mind. Sheepskin may help you. If you aren’t certain, start off with a single pelt scatter rug that will make a lovely bedside mat if it doesn’t help. If sheepskin does help, go bigger if you can afford it. Tell your friends and relatives to buy you one if you can’t. These are indestructible, will still be useful to leave in your will. Washable, simply air dry flat away from direct sunlight to keep the leather pliable. The length of the wool is longer than my Peter Pointer finger. I’m on the Old Age Pension, I don’t regret what I gave up to buy these. We deserve comfort. (PS I savenearly a thousand dollars by not buying a new bed and mattress, plus kept a still useable mattress out of the landfill.)"

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