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Reviewed by Omi
Location: Canada on 10/22/2016

 Verified Buyer

I have been purchasing lambys since my daughter was born. Every baby born in our family has had one purchased for them. The tradition still continutes. My love for these wonderful lambskins are that when baby sleeps on the lambie, you can take them anywhere and baby has no ideas they are not in their own bed. It keeps them warm, improves their quality of sleep. Thanks a million for producing such a fabulous product for infants! Your pillows are wonderful too! Don't think you can use one lambie for all your children, they won't want to give them up.

Reviewed by N.L.
Location: Northern New England, USA on 12/27/2016

 Verified Buyer

Toyed with the idea of spoiling the baby for quite some time. He doesnt like fuzzy items, so I doubted hed like a rug. But I wanted to give him an area to nap now that hes a toddler. He adores his lambie! Currently its in his swing as he naps and he sleeps so well now! He will startle for whatever reason, nuzzle into lambie and go back to sleep! The quality is outstanding! Came back to buy the stroller insert too!

Reviewed by Bonnie
Location: Canada on 08/21/2016

 Verified Buyer

I recently purchased this for my 2 month old son because he was having trouble transitioning to his crib. I can't blame him snuggles with mom are great. Once I put the sheep skin in his crib the transition was much easier. He is sleeping better at night. Even my husband is a convert. He also likes it in his stroller. Thanks for a great product and quality service. Your shipping was very quick.

Reviewed by Sandy
Location: Wildomar, CA on 12/05/2016

 Verified Buyer

My grand children have been raised with sheepskins. They can't sleep without them. We didn't have a genuine sheepskin for my grand-daughter and when washed her's disintegrated. She now has a new one and is so happy and sleeping through the night. I will purchase another one when needed. Thanks

Reviewed by Jolene
Location: Canada on 09/18/2016

 Verified Buyer

I normally would never write one of these, but I cannot help but tell you how absolutely thrilled I am with our lambskin! I ordered it yesterday and it came today!!! Both my kids cannot help but snuggle their little faces into it....I have a feeling I will be ordering another one!! Thanks again!

Reviewed by Jess
Location: Saskatchewan on 03/11/2016

 Verified Buyer

I am so happy with this purchase. I found the exact same sheepskin on amazon for five dollars cheaper, but the seller had mixed reviews so I ordered from here instead. I thought amazon had fast shipping, but I received my sheepskin within 36 hours of ordering! The sheepskin itself is beautiful. Absolutely perfect.

Reviewed by Mama
Location: Gainesville, FL on 02/27/2016

 Verified Buyer

My son got his first sheep when he was a few weeks old. He took a sheep to daycare, pre-school, camp, college and even the Sugar Bowl. I just purchased this one (his 4th or 5th) to make another pillow so it can go to grad school. We give sheep as gifts to all new babies. Maybe someone else will love it as much as my boy.

Reviewed by CMR
Location: MI on 04/13/2016

 Verified Buyer

Wonderful! Our 6 month old baby struggles with congestion and this product is so helpful! We are all improving our sleep as a result of his comfort!! Fantastic help in transitioning him to the crib!

Reviewed by Stroke Survivor
Location: Texas on 10/04/2016

 Verified Buyer

Paralyzed and diabetic. Bought for my wheelchair, and it fits perfect. Soft, comfortable, very happy.

Reviewed by Joan
Location: Longmont, CO on 10/12/2018

 Verified Buyer

This is the perfect size for a crib. It will be able to be used for many years. I am delighted at the look and feel of it. I am also glad that it is the byproduct of a meat factory. I think the young couple who are going to receive this as a gift will like that also. As they live in the mountains, this will be “warmly” recieved. It also got here extremely quickly. I was amazed at how fast I recieved it and how it was bagged. I definitely will buy another one down the road!

Reviewed by Suzanne
Location: Pennsylvania on 08/09/2018

 Verified Buyer

I love sheepskins for babies. Both of my children had them since they were newborns and I could put them to sleep anywhere. Great for traveling, easy to care for (although they take a while to dry when washed), and very snuggly. Now that I am a grandparent, all of my grandchildren have their own Sheepy, and my kids still have theirs! Sheepskin Town was very quick at delivering a very affordable and high quality skin to our newest grandbaby. I hope to buy more from them.

Reviewed by LAB
Location: Dahlonega, GA on 06/30/2016

 Verified Buyer

This is the second sheepskin I've ordered for my great grandchildren. I am very happy with the quality, and delivery time of your product!! I recommend you to my friends. Thank you very much. (Ordered 1 short wool, 1 long wool)

Reviewed by Gaga
Location: Ohio, U.S.A. on 04/30/2016

 Verified Buyer

Great, love it, super fast shipping

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