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About Shearling Sheepskin


Often times people get confused with the use of the word “Shearling” when it comes to describing a certain product and they are unsure of what it is.  Here is some information on exactly what shearling is so next time you are shopping around you will know all the facts.

What is Shearling?

  • Shearling is the hide from a recently shorn or unshorn lamb.
  • The hide is tanned with the wool still attached.
  • Since the fur is attached to the pelt it allows for a strong leather side as well as a soft wool side.

Common Misconceptions about Shearling

  • There is a common misconception among consumers that shearling is a form of sheared wool
  • Shearling is actually considered a fur product because the fur is still attached to the animal hide when used for production
Where does Shearling come from?
  • The majority of shearling products comes from Australia or New Zealand where there is a large sheep farming industry

The Benefits of Shearling

  • Since Shearling is a natural material it will keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer
  • Natural fibres within Shearling act as an insulator
  • Hollow fibres of Shearling easily absorb moisture and can help keep you dry in damp and rainy weather conditions
  • Shearling is a very strong material and with proper care it can last you  for many years
  • Shearling will not shed, unlike other types of fur
  • It is the easiest out of all fur types to clean




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