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Wool: The Wonder Fiber

Wool is a natural fiber that has some very unique properties, which makes it an amazing natural fiber. Wool is used inWhite_Ivory_Sheepskin_Throw_Blanket_239 making many clothing items. Boots, gloves, hats and slippers are just some of the items made with wool. This fiber has such incredible properties that it warrants a list to showcase all its amazing benefits.
  • Wool is resistant to fire due to its high inflammation point. Also, the fiber contains high levels of moisture which helps to self extinguish the fire. This makes it a very safe natural fiber to have in your home.
  • It helps to regulate your body temperature to keep you warm in winter or cool in the summer.
  • Breathability is one of the strongest benefits of wool. It can absorb your body moisture and release it back into the air, keeping you dry and comfortable.
  • Wool makes a great investment since it tends outlast synthetic fibers.  Wool will resist snagging and breaking which makes it an extremely durable fiber.
  • Get a better sleep, when you sleep on or under wool. This seems to be due to its unique temperature regulating and moisture absorption abilities, plus the texture of wool. This is why sheepskin blankets are popular as they give you a great sleep and look amazing.
  • Wool is more comfortable than other fibers due to its elasticity. This is due to its natural crimp which allows it to bend and then spring back into place.
  • Water resistance is another important benefit, which makes it perfect for outdoor wear.
Now you know some of the astounding qualities of wool and how it can enhance your life with comfort and practical benefits.




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