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Home Style Inspiration: Cozy Up With Sheepskin


Sheepskin can be used within the home in a multitude of different ways, oftentimes people think the only way to place a sheepskin rug is on the floor but as we will soon find out that is definitely not the case.  Interior designers are embracing the look of draping sheepskins over the back of chairs, allowing for a cozy and warm look within the home.


Use sheepskin in your home office to create an inviting atmosphere to a sometimes neglected space within the home.


Drape a sheepskin across the back or side of a sofa to add comfort and coziness to your sofa.  As we can see above the contrast between white sheepskin and the black leather sofa is stunning and the pairing of two opposite textures make for a chic look.


To add a modern touch to your dining area try draping sheepskin over your chairs.  This will give your dining room a chic look that will for sure be a conversation starter with guests.


Add some flair to that chair in the corner of your bedroom simply by adding a sheepskin, it is an easy and cost-effective way to modernize your bedroom.

By simply draping a sheepskin over the back of any chair in your house you will introduce a modern and cozy look to the room.  Browse through our top of the line Sheepskin Rugs  at SheepskinTown and enjoy this look in your home.




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