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From Sheepskin Slippers to a Sheepskin...Cape?

sheepskin rugYeah, medieval times were barbaric and most people didn't live past 35, but at least they got to wear capes. Think of how warm it would be to wear a sheepskin rug on your back. Not only would you look and feel like a warrior or a Viking, but you would know about serious warmth. At least we can wear sheepskin in other ways today. Sheepskin boots are rugged and warm. Sheepskin hats make you look like you know the struggles of Siberia, which gives you props when walking down a cold windy city street and everyone is bundled up with their shoulders high and their chins low and you're bouncing around like it's summer. And, whereas most gloves, even those with thick inner linings, leave your fingers cold and numb, sheepskin gloves are on another plane. Sheepskin is rugged, yet luxurious. It is a natural fiber and one that has been around for thousands of years, way before medieval times. Today it's just as practical and popular as ever. Start small: choose sheepskin slippers or sheepskin gloves. Pretty soon, you'll realize how great they are and want a sheepskin hat. And who knows, before long you may even want a sheepskin cape.  




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