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Sheepskin for meditation and Yoga

sheepskin yoga

Meditation and yoga are great spiritual practices for the mind, body, and soul. These universal exercises are perfect for keeping up with a healthy lifestyle and promoting relaxation within one’s self.

What could be more relaxing than lush sheepskin to perform yoga and meditation on? Practitioners of the meditative yoga style, Kundalini, are especially known for using sheepskin mats. Celebrities like Demi Moore and Russell Brand are noted practitioners of Kundalini, which is generally performed in a seated position while poses are held for up to five minutes.


Yoga professionals believe that sheepskin protects your personal energy while also providing cushioning for comfort. Sheepskin Town offers a sheepskin yoga and exercise mat with hypoallergenic sheepskin that is soft and comfortable. This special mat eliminates pressure points for a truly relaxing experience.

The medical sheepskin yoga and exercise mat is machine washable and durable for a practical addition to your meditation routine. The natural fibers are bacteria resistant and move with your body while eliminating moisture. Sheepskin also helps regulate your body temperature so you can find tranquility.

In addition to a traditional yoga mat, meditative yoga practitioners may also use a lightweight sheepskin pelt for their exercises. Sheepskin rugs and blankets can be placed anywhere in the home or yard to create a personal yoga spot.



Sheepskin Town offers pelts and more in a variety of colors with 100% natural materials. Those wishing to enhance their exercise room can find sheepskin throws to match their decor while promoting the healing ambiance of meditative yoga.

single sheepskin
Sheepskin throws, blankets, and mats can be used anywhere and everywhere! You can easily pack your mat for a yoga retreat or class. Sheepskin sources are also really versatile to be used for regular exercise and a relaxing rest afterwards.
relaxing hideaway
You’re sure to feel the benefits of sheepskin after one meditative yoga routine on a mat or rug. Non-slip material keeps the source in place to ensure your safety while exercising. Breathe deep and relax on a luscious an sheepskin mat while you feel the stress melt away in the comfort of your own home.




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