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Camping with sheepskin

We all know that lush sheepskin rugs can spruce up the look of your bedroom, but how about when you’re sleeping outside? The versatility of sheepskin can go from indoors to out, making sheepskin the perfect necessity for your next camping trip.

When we think of camping, building tents and curling around the campfire usually comes to our minds. You can easily make your sleeping situation so much better by placing a comfy sheepskin rug in your tent to rest upon. Sheepskin rugs can be enjoyed alone or as a mat for a sleeping bad to add extra comfort.

If you and your family enjoy camping in an RV or in a trailer, consider a sheepskin rug to bring your vehicle from drab to fab. A sheepskin rug can create a lush lounging area and expand your living space by acting as a divider between rooms. Plus, sheepskin is biodegradable and hypoallergenic, making it suitable for bathroom decor as well.

Many may scoff at the idea of camping and prefer to “glamp” instead! Glamping turns a regular getaway into a glam night out without the real ruggedness of the wilderness. Plan a glamping weekend with your girls and use sheepskin rugs for photo shoot backdrops, as well as luscious throws to decorate your furniture.

Some may escape to the woods for meditation and relaxation. A sheepskin rug can be a makeshift yoga mat to cushion your body and help you remain one with the universe. Sheepskin rugs can be placed in a simple tee-pee or line the tent walls for an instant meditation spot in your own backyard!

If you prefer to go all natural with your camping excursion, sheepskin will be your new best friend. Sheepskin rugs can be set on fireside chairs (at a safe distance!) and used for bed mats when you’re sleeping outside. You’ll love the instant warmth and comfort of a lush rug beneath your body.

Planning a kid’s camping trip? Bring the wilderness to your own lawn with sheepskin accessories in their backyard tent. Sheepskin rugs can work as sleeping bag padding or a cozy throw. Your children can play pioneer and pretend they’re in a log cabin with a sheepskin rug!

Bring your family and friends to the camping trip of a lifetime with the use of sheepskin rugs. All you’ll need is bug spray and a sense of adventure and you’ll be ready to tackle the wild in no time. Happy trails!




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