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Sheepskin In Design Blogs


Interior design blogs are becoming ever more popular as people are growing more interested in simple and less costly ways to decorate their homes.

Style blog Excellence at Home recently featured a post all about sheepskin within the home. The blog gives readers fun ideas on how to place sheepskin in your house.


It is so soft and luxurious. Whether I keep it next to my bed to soften the blow of yet another 2 a.m. wakeup call, or draped over the back of a chair, it adds a bit of texture and comfort. And, for my still skeptical husband, I have been seeing sheepskins all over the design blogs lately!


Another interior design blog, The DIY Nurse , features a cool do it yourself where readers are given step-by-step instructions on how to cover an old faux leather chair that has seen better days with a soft and luxurious sheepskin.


Finally Laura Thomas Interior Design Blog focuses on the latest trend of throwing a sheepskin over the back of a chair to provide an updated look to an older piece of furniture.


Some interior trends lend more to styling than comfort.  The current trend of slinging a sheepskin rug over a chair delivers both.  Pleasing to the eye as well as deep comfort.  Snuggling down, whether that being at a dinner table or a relaxing chair, I sure you'd agree this trend must stay for the long haul.

rug from 1

View our wide selection of sheepskins available at, single sheepskins that are perfect to drape over the back of a chair, double sheepskins that would look lovely down a hallway or our larger Quatro sheepskins which look beautiful placed in a living or dining room, the options are endless!




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