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Warm And Soft Sheepskin

I remember my family's old sheepskin rug vividly. We would all as a family set up in the living room to watch some movies. Snacks would sit on the coffee table while my parents would sprawl out onto the couch and me and my brothers would sit on that sheepskin rug. It was so soft and comfy I could hardly imagine I wasn't sitting on a cloud. As the hours would tick through my brothers and I would each at our own time drift off to sleep right on that rug. We all simply found it incredibly comfortable. Sheepskin rugs have that effect on people. If you lie on one, you want to immerse yourself in how soft and perfect it all is. Nestling up inside those tufts of wool will have you wishing every surface you would ever press your body up against were made of luxurious sheepskin. Now that I'm older I try and get as much gear as I can in that lustrous sheepskin material. From sheepskin boots to sheepskin mittens. I just love the way the material feels. Warm and soft like all of the best fabrics. It is as if the kid dozing off on that rug never grew up.




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