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A Sheepskin Blanket When the Heater Breaks

sheepskin rugsA few weeks ago the heater in my apartment decided to stop working. The first day I wasn't sure if it was truly broken or just on the fritz and would return to normal the following day. But when the temperature continued to plummet and I could practically see my breath, it was time to give the landlord a ring. Because of a missing part, the heater was not fixed until the following evening. Needless to say, it was freezing. I wrapped myself in so many layers of clothing and bedding that I probably just looked like a lump hidden under my bed. Now if I had a sheepskin blanket, I probably could have gotten rid of four other layers. Nothing is more warm, cozy, and comforting than sheepskin. It will come in hand on the days when your own heater goes on the fritz. But it's also a great way to save a bit on the heating bill. Just lower the temperature a few degrees and wrap yourself in the warmth of the blanket.  offers blankets in several different colors to match your home's style. Also look for sheepskin rugs and sheepskin slippers to keep you warm on these frigid days.




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