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Popular Types Of Wool

There are many different types of wool that can be used for clothing items. Wool is the fiber that grows onSheepskin Exercise / Yoga Mat certain animals like; sheep, goat, camel, and rabbits. Since wool comes from a variety of animals, there are several different varieties, each with its own unique properties. We will go over some of the more popular types of this amazing fiber.
  • Merino wool comes from merino sheep and is very popular due its very high quality. This wool produces a very fine sheep fleece and is very soft and breathable. Merino sheep produce a much finer fiber that standard sheep's wool, which means it does not have an itchy or coarse feel to the fiber. Most merino sheep are raised in the mountain regions of Australia and New Zealand.
  • Cashmere is a very soft fiber that comes from the Kashmir goat. Since each goat can only produce a few ounces of cashmere per year, this causes cashmere to be one of the most expensive fibers in the world.
  • Angora wool is an amazingly soft fiber that comes from the fur of an angora rabbit. Angora wool has the highest heat retention ability of any natural fiber. This wool is very fragile because the fibers are so fine, which means pure angora fibers are combined with other wool to make garments.
Wool is certainly an amazing fiber that has many benefits. It is breathable, water resistant, and helps to wick away moisture from the body. Go ahead and enjoy what nature has provided us with, in this perfect fiber that is practical and beautiful.




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