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Sheepskin Slippers-Just What You Need!

It is extremely important to keep  your feet warm indoors during the winter.  Most people focus on finding warm shoes to wear outside and completely forget about wearing something warm inside.  The perfect solution for cozy feet? Our Sheepskin Slippers of coarse! We offer many different styles of sheepskin slippers so whether you prefer backless slippers that you can slip on fast, traditional moccasin style or slip on with a roll up cuff that give extra warmth around the ankle, we've go you covered. One of our most popular slippers are the Sheepskin Cabin Slippers with Indoor/Outdoor Sole.  These slippers are made from Natural Australian Sheepskin and feature a soft suede exterior with a warm sheepskin interior, needless to say your feet will stay toasty warm this winter.  Most indoor slippers feature a soft leather sole, which is perfect for wearing inside but not practical if you need to wear them outside to take out the garbage or let out the dog.  The soft rubber sole on our cabin slippers allow for you to wear them outdoors without having to worry about getting cold, wet feet in the snow or falling on a patch of ice.  The cuff around the ankle can roll up, allowing for extra warmth around your leg, perfect for rolling up around your pants if you need to step outside.  You will love wearing these comfortable and lightweight slippers, you will never want to take them off. Check out our wide selection of Sheepskin Slippers today!




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