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The Wonder of Medical Sheepskin

sheepskin rugsSheepskin is truly a versatile and wonderful product. Did you know that sheepskin can actually be used for medical purposes? Yep, it's true! When someone is bedridden, what's one of the biggest complaints? Bedsores. If anyone has ever had an extended stay in a hospital bed, you know how uncomfortable it can be just lying there all day long. Now imagine if you're recuperating at home and have to stay in bed most of the time. Bedsores are likely to form. Medical Sheepskin pads are known to prevent bedsores from happening. Sheepskin blankets in general are exceptionally cozy and warm for anyone, whether you're stuck in bed or not. The single medical sheepskin pads are hypoallergenic, naturally flame-retardant, and will insulate against both the heat and the cold. You can place the pads on your bed, couch, or chair. They even make wheelchair pads to fit over any standard wheelchair. If a particular area of your body is feeling sore though, you can purchase a knee, heel, forearm, or elbow wrap. They also make covers for crutches. Just about everyone will be covered! Start feeling the difference with medical sheepskin. Soon you'll find yourself ordering sheepskin rugs and sheepskin slippers because you won't be able to feel cozy without it.




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