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Product Spotlight: Sheepskin Clog Slippers

As the temperature begins to slowly rise (or so we hope) our wardrobe begins to change, we remove all those bulky layers of coats, scarves and hats; soon the cold winter will be but a memory. Warm weather doesn't always guarantee warm feet and many of us still suffer with cold feet during the spring and summer months.  It can turn in to somewhat of a dilemma, your feet are cold but all your slippers you wear in the winter are far to warm.  The solution? Our Sheepskin Clog Slippers!  These slippers don't have a back so already they provide you with a lightweight feel that sets them apart from other slippers, they are perfect for warmer weather.  Sheepskin is the ultimate material for summer slippers because it is extremely breathable and it helps regulate body temperature, long story short...your feet won't ever feel too hot or too cold. It's time to eliminate cold feet once and for all!  These slippers are perfect for all four seasons, buy them now for the spring and summer and continue wearing them throughout the fall and winter.  Who are we kidding, you'll never want to take these slippers off!




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