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From Sheepskin Rug to Sheepskin Slippers

SHEEPSKIN SLIPPERSSheepskin is a fiber of luxury. Just imagine waking in your bed with a baby sheepskin draped over it as a comforter to keep you warm through the frore Wyoming nights. You swing your feet out of bed, stretch your arms and wiggle your toes in your curly sheepskin rug. Stand and bend over to get the blood flowing. Rub the sleep out of your eyes and put your feet into their sheepskin slippers. Head to the kitchen to make some coffee and some eggs, and even though you can hear the wind outside, you feel safe, draped in sheepskin. After you've showered and dressed, it's time to brave the elements. But, you're prepared. You have sheepskin boots, sheepskin gloves and sheepskin hats. Your whole body is toasty and comfortable. The curly fur of the sheepskin caresses your skin and even though it's eight degrees outside you don't feel any discomfort. All that sheepskin is keeping the most susceptible parts of your body protected. Even if you don't live in climates quite as harsh as Wyoming, sheepskin slippers are a definite luxury item. Should you decide to invest you'll immediately feel all of the benefits from using nature's warmest fiber.  




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