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Medical Sheepskin Customer Reviews

Did you know that medical grade sheepskin has been known for it's medicinal qualities?  It helps prevent and/or speed up healing of bed sores, it is hypoallergenic and has anti-bacterial properties.  Our Medical Sheepskin Pads can help improve quality of life for people confined to a bed or wheelchair for long periods of time.  Sheepskins' natural fibers eliminate pressure points.  Just look at some of the customer reviews found on our website, I have purchased a large medical sheep skin for my brother who is suffering from cancer and is bedridden in the hospital. The staff was impressed with the superior quality of this blanket when they placed it on my brother's bed. He seemed so comfortable laying on this blanket. I would recommend the purchase of this product to everyone.  5Out of 5 starsOut of 5 stars My father has just started kidney dialysis. The 4 hours he spends in those chair 3 times a week is miserable. I wanted to help in some way so purchased your XL sheepskin. He loves it !! It keeps him warm and his back and hips don't kill him while he gets his treatments. Thank You So Much.  5Out of 5 starsOut of 5 stars We just received the sheep skin we ordered for my 90-year old mother. She was getting bed sores from laying in one position too long. Within a couple of days, the sores were gone. This is a wonderful product.  5Out of 5 starsOut of 5 stars These are just some of the many wonderful reviews of medical sheepskin found on our website, so order yours today!




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