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Why Parent's Love Baby Sheepskins

Sheepskin wool is natures most resilient and comforting resource. Its soft, hollow fibers are breathable, helping to regulate body temperature. Sheepskin also applies an appropriate amount of pressure under the body to minimize pressure points and friction. Our long lasting Baby Sheepskin rugs, blankets, car seats and stroller pads, made from 100% Genuine Australian Sheepskin, offer extreme comfort for your baby.

Why Parent's Love Baby Sheepskins?

  • Made from 100% Genuine Australian Sheepskin
  • High Quality Baby Grade Lambskin
  • Sheepskin is safe, soft and cozy
  • Lambswool side sheared to a uniform length
  • Breathable and natural material
  • Does not shed
  • Trimmed short to a velvety finish
  • Short wool is easy to maintain
  • No toxic or harmful chemical are used in the processing
  • Only the finest skins from New Zealand & Australian sheep flocks
  • No genetically engineered material is used
  • Warm in cool temperatures
  • Absorbs moisture to keep dry and cool in hot temperatures
  • Calming and soothing wool helps baby fall asleep faster and longer
  • Wool is anti-bacterial, sanitary and hypoallergenic
  • Flame resistant
  • Use in cribs, bassinets, on floor, strollers, playpen
  • Processed according to the International Wool Secretariat specifications
  • Ivory, Medical and Sheepskin rugs are machine washable in 85 degree water with an  Enzyme and bleach free detergent
NOTE: We strongly suggest using our Eucalan Wool Wash offered on our website.  




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