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Go green with eco friendly sheepskin


Sheepskin is an environmentally-friendly alternative to man-made materials. Natural sheepskin is a renewable and sustainable resource making it an eco friendly choice that you won’t regret.

Sheepskin is biodegradable and long lasting

Natural sheepskin is a very durable, long lasting material, especially when compared to synthetic fibers that are so widely produced today. Man-made materials have a short lifespan and end up being thrown away much quicker. Genuine sheepskin is 100% biodegradable, so when it does get thrown away, it doesn’t lie in a landfill for hundreds of years like a product made from synthetic material.

Sheepskin takes much less energy to produce than synthetic materials

Synthetic sheepskins and other man-made materials are petroleum based and can take up to 3x as much energy to produce as real sheepskin. Petroleum is a non-renewable resource that produces harmful emissions. Up to one gallon of petroleum is needed to produce three synthetic jackets. The production of synthetic fibers involves chemical reactions at high temperatures, which produces potentially harmful substances.

Petroleum can’t continue to be used at the current rate for two reasons: its adverse effects on the environment, and scientists have estimated that fossil fuels will run out in the next 50-60 years.

Our tanning methods are Eco friendly and constantly tested

Our sheepskin is tanned using a revolutionary method that improves quality and significantly reduces environmental impact. In New Zealand, we have access to the cleanest water in the world and we use it to produce our sheepskin. We strive for the lowest chemical content in our skins. We are constantly testing, both internally and externally, for health and safety.

In a time when the well-being of our environment is such a pressing issue, it’s important to take all the steps we can to limit our emissions and non-biodegradable waste. Nature has given us many gifts, including natural fibers such as sheepskin; it is imperative that we make use of these gifts.

Sheepskin is a by-product of the meat industry

Our sheepskin is a by-product of the meat industry. We take a material that would be considered waste and repurpose it as luxury fashion and home décor products. We feel that it is important to use as much of an animal that is farmed as possible.

These organizations endorse the quality and treatment of our Eco friendly sheepskin:


The rugs that display the Woolmark® Logo reach standards for color, washability, and other specifications. Woolmark® is the world’s most trusted textile fiber brand. They give customers assurance of the quality and content of the products that they endorse.


Our sheepskin rugs meet all qualifications set forth by REACH (Registration Evaluation Authorization and Restriction of Chemicals).  This legislation has been in place in Europe since 2006.  The goal of this legislation is to protect people’s health and the environment.


Our sheepskin rugs meet all of the standards set by the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission. This organization is dedicated to protecting consumers from products that pose risks of fire, electrical, chemical or mechanical hazards and injury to children.





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