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Guide to Sheepskin Gloves and Mittens


At Sheepskin Town, we take pride in providing an extensive catalog of premium quality sheepskin gloves and mittens. Fashion designers have revered sheepskin for its fashion-forward appeal for decades. Still, we love sheepskin gloves for their versatility and functionality!

Unlike some, we offer genuine shearling sheepskin gloves. Genuine shearling gloves are sewn with the wool facing inwards, and leather facing outwards, and contain no synthetic materials.

Sheepskintown Gloves Have all the Benefits of Natural Sheepskin

Real shearling sheepskin helps to regulate body temperature. Sheepskin is dense and breathable, so your hands will stay warm in winter but not overheat. This means that your hands will always be warm in your sheepskin gloves, without your hands sweating.

Sheepskintown Gloves Have all the Benefits of Natural Sheepskin
Sheepskin Gloves and Mittens are Hypoallergenic

Sheepskin Gloves and Mittens are Hypoallergenic

Shearling sheepskin contains lanolin, a naturally occurring wax found in sheep's wool that is antibacterial. It is also great for your skin; it can limit itchiness and irritation. Think about how much this would help cold, dry winter hands!

Sheepskintown Has Over Fifteen Years of Expertise

Our dedicated customer service team knows our sheepskin gloves and mittens inside out! So if you have any questions about our famous Black Napa Leather Gloves or Alaska mittens, we are happy to field them.

Sizing your Gloves and Mittens

To figure out your glove size, measure the circumference of your hand, keeping the tape firmly level across the knuckles. Next, measure your dominant hand - the right if you are right-handed and the left if left-handed. Finally, apply measurement to the size chart. For in-between measurements, use the next size up.

Sizing your Gloves and Mittens

If your glove fits a little on the snug side, remember that shearling does offer a bit of stretch, and with wear, the gloves will conform to the shape of your hand. It is important to note that if the glove fits too tightly and you cannot bend your knuckles, you should move up to the next available size.

Sheepskin Gloves are Versatile

With so many finishes, like suede or Napa leather, and colors, there is a Sheepskin Town shearling glove or mitten to match your personal style!




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