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What Determines The Quality Of Wool?

Wool is an amazing natural fiber that has many great qualities that make it a very useful and beautiful fiber. However,Shorn Sheepskin Bowron Rug - Traverse not all wool is the same, as there is quite a variation in the quality that is sold. This is why the price can vary so much as some wool will be of higher quality and thus worth more. There are many factors that determine the quality of this fiber and thus it's value. Here is a list of some those factors.
  • The fiber diameter of wool is the single most important factor that determines quality and price. Generally, merino wool is the highest quality wool because of its fineness which creates a very soft fiber. Simply put, the finer the wool is, the more valuable it is.
  • Uniformity of the fiber diameter is another factor. The more uniform the this fiber is, the higher value it has.
  • The color of wool is also very important to its value. Wool that is white or off-white can accept a wider variety of dyes that are used in making various fabrics.
  • Staple strength determines the fibers ability to withstand the production process. The higher the staple strength, the less waste that is produced.
There are some other factors as well, but here you have some of the main qualities that determines the value. Wool is truly an amazing fiber with its moisture absorption abilities and being very breathable. Go ahead and enjoy this valuable and very practical fiber.




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