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How to clean a sheepskin rug

Like anything else, sheepskin rugs require cleaning every so often. There are a few ways to clean sheepskin rugs. Here’s what you can do.

Spot Clean any of our Sheepskin Rugs (small stains)

For smaller stains spot cleaning is ideal. We recommend using our Eucalan Sheepskin Wash or another bleach and enzyme free cleaner. Cleaners that contain bleach and enzymes can dry out and crack the hide. 

Things you’ll need:

  • Eucalan wool wash (or similar cleaner)
  • Wool wire brush
  • Spray bottle
  • Clean cloth
  • A sheepskin rug that needs cleaning

Follow these steps for Spot Cleaning:

  1. Mix a cap-full of Eucalan cleaner with 500mL of warm water (max temperature: 100℉ / 38℃). Put the mixture in a spray bottle for easy use.
  2. Apply mixture to soiled/stained area of sheepskin.
  3. Thoroughly rinse out the mixture. 
  4. Use a dry clean towel, patting gently, to remove excess moisture.
  5. Lay rug out or hang to dry. Make sure not to dry the rug in direct heat or sunlight.
  6. Brush your rug once while damp and once while dry.
  7. Shake rug to fluff sheepskin.

Hand and Machine Washing Ivory Sheepskin Rugs

Only our natural ivory sheepskin rugs should be hand or machine washed. Do not put rug in the dryer as this can dry and crack leather. Use a bleach and enzyme free cleaner such as our Eucalan Sheepskin Wash. Don’t use detergents like Woolite or Tide; these contain bleach and enzymes, which can damage a sheepskin rug. Our Eucalan Sheepskin Wash contains lanolin, which helps to maintain the health of a sheepskin rug.

Things you’ll need:

  • A basin for water / Washing machine (depending on washing method)
  • Eucalan wool wash (or similar cleaner)
  • Wool wire brush
  • An ivory sheepskin rug that needs cleaning

Follow these steps for Hand Washing:

  1. Use 5mL/1 tsp of Eucalan Wool Wash per 4L/1G of water.
  2. Add water with a maximum temperature of 100°F / 38°C.
  3. Soak rug for a minimum of 30 minutes.
  4. Squeeze gently so soap and water runs through all the fibers.
  5. Remove rug and squeeze out excess water. Don’t twist.
  6. Line dry or lay rug out to dry. Do not allow the rug to be exposed to direct heat or sunlight.
  7. Brush rug once while damp and once while dry.
  8. Shake rug to fluff sheepskin.

Follow these steps for Machine Washing:

  1. When washing, use a maximum temperature of 100℉ / 38℃.
  2. Use 15-30mL/1-2Tbsp of Eucalan Wool Wash or similar product per load.
  3. Lay rug out or hang to dry. Make sure not to dry the rug in direct heat or sunlight.
  4. Brush rug once while damp and once while dry.
  5. Shake rug to fluff sheepskin.

Note: Larger rugs or more extensive soilage/staining may need to be professionally cleaned.

Professional Cleaning (large or severe stains)

For large stains, we suggest bringing your rug to a professional leather/sheepskin cleaner. Should you bring your rug to a dry cleaner, make sure they’re familiar with cleaning sheepskin.

Sheepskin Maintenance

  • Regular brushing can help to keep sheepskin fibers straight, fluffy and standing upright.
  • Vacuuming can maintain look and cleanliness; make sure to vacuum with the growth of the fur. When vacuuming your rug, DO NOT use a rotating vacuum head attachment. Instead, use a standard nozzle attachment.
  • Simply shaking out your rug every so often can keep it looking full.

Sheepskin Storage

  • Do not store a rug in a bag or box. Do not wrap your rug in any sort non-breathable material. Sheepskin must be able to breathe; this ensures that your sheepskin rug will not dry out or be exposed to condensation.
  • Be sure to store rug in a cool, well ventilated area.
  • Do not store in direct sunlight or heat.

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