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Prevent Pressure Sores with Medical Sheepskin

Bedsores and pressure injuries are some of the easiest to prevent in-hospital complications. However, they also have one of the highest rates of development in the United States. In 2006, roughly 323,000 cases of pressure sores were documented by Medicare. This problem needs addressed right away, and one of the best and easiest solutions to this problem is using medical sheepskins for bedsores.

Medical Sheepskins for Bedsores

The Warmth and Comfort of Medical SheepskinMedical sheepskins for bedsores are perfect to provide cushion and support to bedridden and wheelchair bound patients to keep their skin comfortable. Medical sheepskin products now are widely used in health care because of the following qualities of natural wool fibers:  
  1. Natural wool fibers are soft and springy. The natural structure of wool fibers gives it its soft and springy quality. These, in turn, distribute the weight of the body and reduce the stress on the pressure points. This is a crucial factor in avoiding bedsores.
  2. They don’t cause friction on the skin like normal fabrics do. Friction irritates the skin and causes sores to develop. Medical sheepskin eliminates this risk.
  3. Sheepskin also allows air to circulate the skin. This offers the skin more breathability and ventilation.
  4. Wool fibers resist bacterial growth. This reduces the risk of developing blisters and sores caused by bacterial infections on pressure points.
  5. Sheepskin stays warm after absorbing a certain amount of moisture. Even if the patient perspires quite heavily, their skin will stay dry because of sheepskin’s ability to absorb moisture efficiently.
These attributes are the reasons why many hospital facilities choose medical sheepskins for bedsores. With proper care and preventive measures partnered with medical sheepskins, bedsores and pressure sores can definitely be avoided.

Sheepskin Medical Pads

Aside from blankets, sheepskin also comes in the form sheepskin medical pads. Sheepskin medical pads can come in either seat pad or bed pad forms. Medical seat pads were designed to fit wheelchairs for seniors and other patients who can’t move out of their wheelchair without assistance. Sheepskin medical seat pads are also hypoallergenic and effective in reducing pressure sores. These also are great anywhere the patient needs to sit whether it is an office chair, car seat, or a sofa. Sheepskin medical bed pads are used on beds where the patient will lie down. These bed sheepskin medical pads can also be used for high back chairs.

Medical Sheepskin Elbow and Heel Protectors

Medical Sheepskin ProductsMedical sheepskin elbow and heel protectors are also available for patients with sensitive skin who need to wear elbow and heel casts due to accidents. Materials used in normal casts can be rough and damaging to the sensitive skin. This is aggravated by the fact that casts will be often worn over an extended period because bone damages like fractures take a long time to heal. Preventing bedsores now is easier due to medical sheepskins that provide top-notch protection for your pressure points. Bedsores are a serious health issue facing many seniors and immobile patients which raise the concern to use sheepskin medical pads and medical sheepskin elbow and heel protectors to keep patients protected from bedsores 24/7.




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