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Four reasons why you will prefer a SheepskinTown Rug


At SheepskinTown, we offer high quality sheepskin rugs at an affordable price. Here are four factors that separate the rugs exclusive to SheepskinTown from our competition:

1. Our Size

The sheepskin pelts sold by SheepskinTown are nearly twice the size of the rugs produced by competitors. Lower quality sheepskin rugs can have pointed, jagged neck areas in order to meet certain length requirements. Because the pelts on SheepskinTown are natural products, size and shape can vary slightly; this ensures that each rug is unique. [caption id="attachment_4373" align="aligncenter" width="642"] SheepskinTown rug (left), other rug (right). The difference in sizes of the rugs are easy to distinguish[/caption]

2. Wool Thickness and Length

We sell only the handpicked rugs with the longest and fullest wool. On SheepskinTown, we offer top-grade Merino sheepskin. The sheepskins pelts sold exclusively through SheepskinTown have a fiber length of at least three inches. Compared to the competition, the difference in wool length and texture is so extreme that it’s noticeable at a glance. 

[caption id="attachment_4441" align="aligncenter" width="1024"] SheepskinTown rug (left), other rug (right). The difference in thickness is noticeable. [/caption]

3. Quality Standards

Rugs sold on SheepskinTown are free of cracks, holes, scratches, and other defects. It’s not unusual for lower quality sheepskins to have inconsistency in the wool and marks on the leather underside. 

The leather from the rugs exclusive to SheepskinTown is firm and thick. It’s a strong material that has a soft feel. The durability prevents wrinkles and other signs of wear. You will notice other rugs may have lower quality leather will not possess the same durability, so the rug won’t last as long.

Our rugs are sourced with sheep pelts from New Zealand and Australia. These countries are both world renowned for producing the finest wool and sheepskin.

SheepskinTown rugs bear the Woolmark® logo. Woolmark® is the world’s most trusted textile fiber brand. They give customers assurance of the quality and content of the products that they endorse.

4. Eco-Friendly

The rugs sold on SheepskinTown are environmentally friendly and natural. Unlike some sheepskin rugs made by our competitors, they're not tanned using harsh chemicals like arsenic and formaldehyde and we can assure every stage of their supply and production. The process to craft these rugs goes through 25 stages before it's finished. The sheepskins are expertly trimmed, machined and washed and left to dry in the sun.The tanned fleece is then combed over and over by hand and finally polished to enhance the natural lustre of the sheep's wool. There are no man-made materials in these rugs.

These rugs are tanned in New Zealand where our suppliers have access to the purest water in the world; we strive for the cleanest and most environmentally friendly tanning/dyeing processes. Because of this, these rugs should be free of any unnatural smells which may be noticeable in a substandard sheepskin rug.

Synthetic sheepskins and other man-made materials are petroleum-based and can take up to 3x as much energy to produce. 

In a time when the well-being of our environment is such an issue, it’s important to take all the steps we can to limit our emissions and non-biodegradable waste. Nature has given us many gifts, including natural fibers such as sheepskin; it is important we make use of these gifts.




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