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5 Amazing Benefits of Genuine Sheepskin Blankets

Few products are as amazing as sheepskin blankets. What other kinds of blankets can offer cloud-like softness and comfort while being fashionable and classy as well? So it’s no surprise that the demand for sheepskin or lambskin blankets in the United States has been dramatically increasing over the years. Aside from their unbelievably soft touch, what are the other benefits of sleeping on sheepskin?

The Benefits of Sleeping on Sheepskin

1. A blanket that helps relieve muscle pain. Lambskin blankets cushion your body when you lay down on top of them by effectively distributing your weight throughout your body. This may be because each wool hair or fiber is made of a three-dimensional spiraling crimp which serves as little springs. These springs are responsible for absorbing and distributing your body pressure. This, in turn, relieves pain and muscle aches. The Benefits of Sheepskin Blankets 2. Regulate your body temperature. The wool in lambskin blankets has natural temperature regulating properties that help keep you warm when it’s too cold and reduce heat when it's too hot. This is beneficial especially during warm and cold seasons or if you live in an area where the temperature often fluctuates. Regulating normal body temperature while sleeping is integral to getting the best quality sleep possible. 3. A hypoallergenic blanket that is gentle on skin. Genuine sheepskin blankets are natural products with minimal to no chemicals used in their production. This makes lambskin blankets  friendly to the skin. Sheepskin also contains a substance called lanolin, which is a substance also found in human skin. Lanolin reacts well to sensitive or inflamed skin, causing it to soothe rashes and other skin conditions like eczema.

How to Identify Genuine Sheepskin Blankets

To get the most out of lambskin blankets, you need to know how to identify genuine sheepskin blankets. Here are some ways you can check if you have genuine sheepskin blankets: How to Tell if Your Sheepskin Blankets Are Genuine1. Look at the pelt. The first thing you can do is to grab a wool fiber and gently pull it. The wool should not separate from the pelt if the hide was tanned correctly. Then look at the pelt closely. The pelt of genuine lambskin blankets should resemble the color of the wool. If you see a grid backing material where the wool is attached, this is a clear sign that the sheepskin is not real as this indicates a sewn backing instead of a real sheep’s hide. 2. Test the wool fibers. Genuine wool fibers are resilient, so they should bend without breaking. To test this, tug on a wool fiber and see if it stretches or goes back to its original shape after you let it go. If it returns to its original shape, it is genuine. If it does not, that means you have a faux fur on your hands. 3. Test the insulating qualities. Another easy method to see if you have genuine sheepskin blankets is by pouring a bit of water on it. If it’s genuine, it should feel somewhat dry or warm, but if it’s faux, it will feel cold. This is because genuine wool repels water.


Using genuine lambskin blankets is truly a unique experience because of the various benefits of sleeping on sheepskin. Who knew that a blanket could reduce your body pain and regulate your body temperature? So if you’ve been dealing with body pain like skin allergies and irritation due to your blanket, a lambskin blanket is the answer to your problems.




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