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Product Spotlight: Baby Sheepskin

Baby Lambskin Every mother out there wants the best for their baby and they tend to search far and wide for top quality products that will benefit their child. Our Baby Lambskin Rugs are made of natural sheepskin that is shorn to 1.25 inches which will keep your baby warm, comfortable and safe.  If you have a newborn these Lambskin rugs are wonderful to put in the crib on top of the mattress.  Sheepskin wool has soft, hollow fibers that breath and help regulate body temperature so your baby won't feel overheated or cold during the night.  Air flows freely between your baby and the sheepskin, providing your child with the utmost comfort.  Soft sheepskin allows babies to get a restful nights sleep. Baby Lambskin Rugs are also perfect for your baby who is developing their motor skills.  They will love playing on the ground or learning to roll over and crawl on this wonderful rug. Take a look at some of our customer reviews, We found the fur very soft and cuddly for our little girls. Thank you. 5Out of 5 stars Out of 5 stars I've given a Short wool Baby Sheepskin to a number of friends' babies as a gift to celebrate their arrival. Their parents have told me that the babies love the softness and comfort. After a few years, it can be put in a carseat with a couple of simple adjustments. Since its machine washable, this isn't out of the realm of possibility. Sheepskintown has made ordering and tracking very simple. Its a great gift idea!! 5Out of 5 stars Out of 5 stars Ordered this for my newborn grandsn who loves his sheepskin! He sleeps more soundly and snuggles into it just like his mother did with hers when she was a baby. Great price and product! 5Out of 5 stars Out of 5 stars It is clear that our customers love our Baby Lambskin Rug as much as we do!  Whether it's for your own child or the child of a loved one they will surely enjoy the comfort of this sheepskin.      




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