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How To Clean Men’s Winter Sheepskin Hats

The modern day men’s winter sheepskin hats trace their origin to the early 1900s where soldiers used them for protection against severe cold weather. The cold was a formidable enemy in many wars in the 1930s and many soldiers lost their lives due to exposure. In an attempt to protect their armies, leaders commissioned the protective hats to give protection to the soldier’s jaws, ears and lower chin. These hats were popular in Ukraine, Serbia, Russia, Macedonia, Croatia, Germany and Bulgaria. How To Clean Men’s Winter Sheepskin Hats Traditional hats were made from muskrat or rabbit fur and sheepskin which was easily available at the time. Today there are a few hat manufacturers who still use actual fur, they have resorted to faux fur that is popularly known as ‘fish fur’. The hats have a leather, canvas, cloth or suede exterior while the interior if lined with fur. It can be worn with the flaps down or with the flaps folded up against the side, front and back of the head. Over the years, the hat has become a fashion piece and is mostly used by people who enjoy skiing or sled riding. Mountain climbers have also been noted to adorn men’s winter sheepskin hats when on excavations and treks.

Cleaning Sheepskin Hats

It is important to keep men’s winter sheepskin hats clean to keep them looking fashionable and elegant. Before you get started on cleaning your hat, it is important to know the following things;
  1. What materials is it made of
  2. Cleaning instructions as recommended by the manufacturer
  3. The type of dirt or stain you intend to remove
Most of this information is indicated on the manufacturer’s label that can be found on the interior of the hat. Once established, collect all the cleaning items you will need. These may include;
  • Sponges
  • Soft bristle brushes
  • Detergent
  • Suede eraser
  • Fine grit sandpaper
  • Stiff bristle brush
  Cleaning Sheepskin Hats Fur or Wool hats: if the hat is wet, shake off all excess water and, using a soft bristle brush, gently brush the interior and exterior of the hat in a counter-clockwise motion and hang on a hat hook to aerate and dry. Suede hats: gently brush the hat with the stiff bristle brush to lift loose dirt and dust. Using the fine-grit sandpaper or sand suede eraser, lightly rub off caked-on or matted dirt in circular motions. Repeat for stubborn stains but do not be aggressive as this may damage the fabric. Softly brush with the stiff bristle brush and aerate on a hat hook. Cloth hats: gently scrub with a brush dipped in soapy water, rinse off any dirt or soap and hang on a hat hook to dry. Gently brush the hat or wipe with a dry cloth to avoid matting. Leather hats: easy to clean material that only requires periodic conditioning with special oils to keep it moisturized and clean. Do not use saddle soap as this will damage the leather. Wipe down hat with clean cloth and buff away any dirt or dust. Canvas hats: wipe off dirt with a damp lint free cloth. Slightly brush stains with a stiff bristle brush and wipe again.




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