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Sheepskin in the bathroom

When it comes to decorating your home with sheepskin, it’s not often that the bathroom would be the first place on the list. But why be limited to the living room or the dining room, when you can keep all the comfort to yourself in the privacy of your bathroom.


You already know how luscious and sophisticated sheepskin looks in the bedroom, so why not add a sheepskin rug to your bathroom too? Sheepskin has many benefits outside of just looking gorgeous and this makes it wonderful for use in the bathroom.

Can you imagine the soft feel of stepping onto a sheepskin rug after a hot bath? A plush rug is dense and durable, and looks infinitely better than a dingy bath mat on your floor. Even better, sheepskin material can hold over 30% of its own weight in moisture before feeling wet!


Sheepskin is bacteria-resistant and hypoallergenic for the home. Sheepskin is coated with waxy lanolin, a special substance that prevents bacterial growth by eliminating bacteria in the room. Sheepskin fibers are formed in a coil shape to trap particles from the air and reduce dust, as well as allergens.

A sheepskin runner in your bathroom turns any space into an elegant room. Simply place a sheepskin rug on a tiled floor for a dash of sophistication to your interior. A fluffy sheepskin rug can even enhance the textured look of wooden bathroom cabinets and bring out a rustic style scheme.


Lush sheepskin has the ability to soften angular lines in the bathroom. Different textures and geometric qualities are suitable for even the smallest of bathrooms. A runner can separate the shower and toilet area for even more definition, essentially mimicking the look of a bigger bathroom.

Consider turning your bathroom into an exotic spa with a sheepskin rug. Pristine white sheepskin can transform a normal modern bathroom into a tropical paradise. You might like to add a sheepskin rug to a half-bath or full master bathroom. Sheepskin rugs come in single to octo sizes to fit any room.

The benefits of sheepskin can’t be matched by any man-made materials. Place a sheepskin rug on the floor of a guest bathroom to impress your visitors. Your guests will love the look and feel of a sheepskin rug, but you might want to tell them to take off their shoes to enjoy it!

The beauty and versatility of sheepskin can accentuate every household, from a country home to a bathroom in the city! In fact, sheepskin can actually naturally make the air in your house cleaner. You’ll enjoy the natural hygienic qualities of sheepskin over chemical cleaning products you’d use on a regular bath mat.

Add a splash of class to your home with a sheepskin rug in the bathroom. From aesthetic appeal to natural benefits, sheepskin is perfect for the bathroom area. If you’re looking to instantly enhance your bathroom, consider simply placing down a sheepskin rug that you can enjoy for years to come.




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