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The Characteristics of Premium Quality Sheepskin Rugs

There are three main characteristics that separate premium quality sheepskin rugs from other sheepskin rugs:
  • Quality of Wool
  • Quality of Leather
  • Shape & Size

Quality of Wool

Quality of wool is the first thing that distinguishes a premium sheepskin rug from the rest. Here is what you should look for when determining the quality of wool. Wool Density, Length & Loft
  • The wool’s density refers to the amount of wool fibers per square inch. Premium quality sheepskin rugs have a high wool density. We select only the highest grade Merino sheepskins that are full and dense.
  • Premium quality sheepskin has a fiber length of at least 65 mm. Some rugs sheepskin texture may have long fibers, but lack density. An outstanding rug will have both fiber length and density.
  • The wool’s loft is it's ability to stand up straight. High quality sheepskin rugs have wool fibers that retain their loft for many years.
  • Lower quality sheepskin rugs will have a lower fiber density and will flatten much more quickly than a Sheepskin Town rug.
  • Natural and undyed sheepskin will be an ivory tone. Because these are natural products, no two sheepskins are exactly alike. This ensures that every customer receives a unique product.
  • Our sheepskins that are dyed are not dyed with harmful chemicals. Our tanning and dyeing processes are endorsed and regulated by multiple organizations (Woolmark, REACH, USCPSC).
  • A sheepskin should feel soft and full. Nothing compares to the texture of a true premium sheepskin.
  • Once you feel one of our Sheepskin Town rugs you will know you have received a Grade "A" sheepskin.

Quality of Leather

Next you will want to look at the leather that appears on the underside of the rug. The leather should be strong and supple, as well as free of odors, cracks and other defects. Texture & Thickness
  • The leather of a premium quality sheepskin rug is firm and fairly thick. It is strong but will still have a soft, supple feel.
  • It is durable so it will not wear or wrinkle. It’s not too smooth to ensure that it won’t slide around.
  • Lower quality leather will not be as durable, so the rug won't last as long.
Free of Defects
  • Premium sheepskin rugs will be free of cracks, holes, scratches and other defects. Lower quality sheepskin may show signs of damage.
Free of chemical smells
  • Premium quality sheepskin rugs should be free of any unnatural smells. A smell may be noticeable in lower quality sheepskin rugs due to the tanning and dyeing process. In New Zealand we have access to the purest water in the world and our tanning process is cleaner and more environmentally friendly. 

Shape & Sizesheepskin size and shape

Another characteristic that separates premium sheepskin rugs from others is the size and shape of the rug.
  • High quality sheepskin rugs are typically larger and have a uniform shape.
  • The shape of a premium quality sheepskin rug will be full, with a rounded neck area. Lower quality sheepskin rugs can have pointed, jagged neck areas in order to meet certain length requirements.
  • Because these are natural products, size and shape can vary slightly; this ensures that each rug is unique.

Benefits of Premium Quality Sheepskin Rugs

  • Premium sheepskin area rugs are very resilient due to wool being naturally springy. Fibers recover very quickly from indents by furniture. It will also allow the area rug to look fresh and new for much longer.
  • Wool is very stain resistant. Wool has a coating of natural lanolin, which helps to stop dirt and stains from penetrating the wool. It keeps the soil at the surface, which makes cleaning the rugs a breeze.
  • Wool is flame resistant, making it a safe choice for any room.
  • Wool area rugs come in many beautiful styles and colors, giving you huge flexibility to find a rug that fits your room’s style.




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