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Suffering from Hat Acne? Sheepskin Hats Can Help You!

Hats can complete or take your look to the next level, but sometimes hats can cause serious irritation to the skin. Some hats are known to cause acne and rashes on the forehead to the dismay of innocent people just wanting to protect themselves from the sun or be extra fashionable for a special day. If you’re one of these people and you’re sick of breakouts caused by hats, sheepskin hats can be perfect for you.

Is Your Hat Causing Acne?

sheepskin hat for hat acneAcne and rashes caused by hats are more common than you think. The main culprit for this is not the hat themselves but the way they block your sweat glands which in turn traps in oil. Trapped oil clogs your pores, and when combined with dead skin cells gives birth to a zit. This is called miliaria, also known as “sweat rash.” Anything that obstructs our sweat ducts can cause miliaria, which is why it also occurs on peoples backs. Sweat rash can be prevented by using sheepskin products. Sheepskin or lambskin is perfect for absorbing moisture. Contact dermatitis can also cause acne and rashes. This type of dermatitis happens when your skin comes into contact with an irritant or a substance that your skin just doesn’t react well with. This is where sheepskin comes in. Cloth hats often cause contact dermatitis perhaps because of the chemicals used in their production. Even the laundry detergent used in washing the hat can cause contact dermatitis. Sheepskin is perfect for helping with both of these issues. Hats can cause acne breakouts because of miliaria or contact dermatitis. Genuine sheepskin can permanently solve this problem. Sheepskin or lambskin are perfect winter hat materials.

Men and Women Sheepskin Hats

Men and women sheepskin hats have been gaining traction in the market because of their incredible softness and amazing effect (or non-effect!) on the skin. These men and women sheepskin hats are made of high-grade sheepskin and wool fur that does not need any chemicals to be warm, fuzzy, and stylish. The wool fur of a shearling hat is naturally soft and friendly to the skin mainly because of a compound called lanolin found in sheepskin. Not to mention they are warm for winter months. Men and Women Sheepskin HatsWool-bearing animals like sheep secrete lanolin from their sebaceous glands. Lanolin acts as a waterproof barrier for sheep to protect them from harsh weather. This compound is similar to a type of wax humans secrete, making them safe and stopping contact dermatitis. In fact, lanolin found in sheepskin is used in cosmetic products to keep the skin hydrated and young-looking. You can stop worrying about miliaria when you switch to sheepskin hats. Shearling hats are known to be quite absorbent, so they can absorb your sweat and oil while staying warm and dry on the surface. A shearling hat also won’t make your head too hot, so your scalp won’t sweat excessively, which is often the cause of miliaria.

Say Goodbye to Forehead Breakouts with Sheepskin Shearling Hats

Zits, no matter where they are, are no fun. This is why a fur shearling hat is the best option if you’re prone to forehead breakouts from ordinary hats. Shearling hats will keep your scalp and foreheads oil level in check and the genuine sheepskin will not irritate your skin in any way. So go ahead, try shearling hats for yourself, and free yourself from forehead acne permanently!




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