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Lanolin and Baby Sheepskin

sheepskin rugLanolin is a waxy substance that constitutes anywhere from 5-25% of the weight of sheep's wool. This keeps the sheepskin dry and protect the wool from the ravages of harsh mountainous climates. Most of the lanolin used by humans is found in domestic sheep wool. In most situations lanolin is used for hygienic purposes. It softens skin and keeps it moist. Lanolin is a major reason a sheepskin rug and sheepskin boots are so comfortable. It keeps the wool in good shape for years and allows it to stay curly and soft. Lanolin is a nice word, too. It sounds so soft and comfortable. Since most people don't know what it is they think it's baby lamb's wool but it's not nearly that savage. You can use it morally. Lanolin will make your skin softer. It is what has made your sheepskin hats and sheepskin slippers so warm. Embrace lanolin. Tell people about it.  Show them its majesty. Then make use of it by buying a sheepskin rug. Or sheepskin slippers. Or baby sheepskin for your little one to stay warm and dry in on cold winter nights. Tell him about lanolin as he ages and use it to keep his little body smooth.




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