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Sheepskin Still Cool in Warm Weather

sheepskin slippersHere in New York we had our first real warm day! It may not be officially spring and the weather will certainly cool down a bit afterward, but boy does this warm front make me long for spring and summer. And with that, I --and everyone else-- is so over winter and ready to toss our sweaters and winter jackets under our beds, in the backs of our closets, or even in storage. That's a smart strategy, but don't pack up everything. One item you can still leave around for the summer is sheepskin. I'm sure you're thinking, "That's crazy! Why would I want to keep sheepskin around? It's so hot." Au contraire my friend. While sheepskin rugs will do their job at keeping you toasty warm in the winter, they can also keep you cool and dry in the summer! The fibers in the hair breathe to act like your body's natural thermostat. Pretty nifty right? That means a few less items to pack up and your sheepskin products can be used throughout the entire year --making them a very worthy investment. Look for single sheepskin rugs, slippers, hats, and more at, your number one source for quality sheepskin.




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