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Types of sheepskin slippers

Cold feet are no fun and once your feet are chilly the rest of your body quickly follows suit.  Sheepskin slippers are extremely comfortable and the natural fibers help your feet breathe, which means your feet will always be at the perfect temperature. With so many styles to choose from here is a guide to help you navigate your way to the perfect pair of sheepskin slippers for you!


There are two types of soles when it comes to sheepskin slippers, hard or soft.  The type of sole you choose depends on the purpose you intend on purchasing the slippers for:

Soft Sole

  • Soft sole slippers are extremely comfortable, it will feel like you are walking on a cloud.
  • They are not ideal for any type of outdoor use as dirt and moisture can damage the bottom of the slipper.
  • The soft sole has no grip, again making it impractical for any type of outdoor use, especially in the winter.
  • A soft sole will make feel like you are wearing extra soft and comfortable socks.

Hard Sole

  • Hard sole slippers are versatile because they can be worn both inside and outside.
  • Perfect for taking the garbage to the curb or letting the dogs out.
  • A hard sole slipper feels like a very comfortable shoe.
  • Hard sole slippers provide extra grip on hardwood floors or when going outside.


Sheepskin slippers come in many different styles:

Open Back

  • Open back slippers are easy and fast to slip on, no need to bend over to get your foot in.
  • This style slipper is cooler, leaving the heel of your foot exposed.
  • Perfect for warmer weather when you still want to keep your feet warm but don’t need a bulky heavy slipper to do so.

Roll Up Cuff

  • A sheepskin slipper with a roll up cuff allows for added warmth, especially around the ankle.
  • Perfect for the cold winter months when all you want to do is bundle up from head to toe.
  • This is the warmest style of slipper.

Velcro Closure

  • Sheepskin slippers with velcro closures are ideal for ensuring a snug fit.
  • Velcro allows you to securely fasten the slippers on your foot without them sliding off.


  • The moccasin slipper is the most popular style of sheepskin slipper.
  • They offer a stylish look that is perfect for both indoor and outdoor weather.




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