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Bohemian Chic

BohoChic The free spirit in you will love the incorporation of sheepskin in your decorations. This bohemian style works on small apartments and large houses alike! When you want the hippie vibe, think about sheepskin and rustic decor. How can you vamp up your bedroom? For starters, consider bohemian accents and natural sheepskin for decoration. This lush material is hypoallergenic and resistant of bacteria for easy cleaning. Picture your room with beautiful tropical plants and a sheep fur rug. Totally cool, right? random2 If you're looking to decorate your patio, inquire about a plush single sheepskin rug. This versatile product can also be placed on chairs and couches for your comfort. You'll love the boho look of soft sheepskin atop your hardwood furniture. The great thing about sheepskin is it's so adaptable to your decoration scheme! Envision a rug by your fireplace in the living room. So chic, yet so easy to do. Pick the size of your choosing and let the accent speak for itself. random When you're looking to add texture and bohemian appeal to your home, sheepskin is the way to go. Drab marble and plaster walls get an instant boost with sheepskin rugs and throws. You can even find sheepskin items in different colors to match your decor. livingroom Why not spruce up your hallway this winter? A sheepskin runner will make passing from room to room so much easier. With original artwork, a hypoallergenic rug will certainly enhance the bohemian vibe of your home. bohochair There's nothing better than sheepskin when you're trying to accentuate your bohemian decor. When you plan to keep a natural color scheme, think about adding a neutral colored sheepskin rug or runner to your rooms. Redecorating your kitchen? Prepare your dining space with sheepskin on the chairs and floor. A bohemian rug looks fantastic with the addition of sheepskin as an accent. Your room will look more bold and happy for your guests. Kitchen Sheepskin rugs are durable, comfortable, and aesthetically pleasing. You won't regret adding them to your house. Bohemian beauty is all yours when you put sheepskin in the mix. Go natural and get your groove on!  




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