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Decorate with Sheepskin Pillows

Sheepskin pillows can really transform any room’s decor. They have the ability to deliver a bold statement or add softness to a cold stark room. Sheepskin throw pillows are the perfect accent; you can truly breathe life into any room by switching out or adding more sheepskin pillows. Follow our easy guideline below to decorating with sheepskin throw pillows:


It is always a safe move to go with a symmetrical pattern. This allows the room or space to look more visually balanced. When layering several fabrics on top of each other it can be easy to over-complicate a space. Going with a symmetrical pattern will help avoid a messy and muddled look; it will help keep clean lines for a polished and sophisticated home.

Size & Shape

Pillows should be arranged from largest on the outside to smallest on the inside. This does not only makes sense look-wise, but is also important for comfort. A small pillow is okay to leave in the center of the couch, as it will still be comfortable for people sitting on the couch.  Our pillows come in two sizes: small (14 x 14 inches) and large (16 x 16 inches).

Color Pallet

When adding pillows to a room it’s important to think of a color scheme. You want to choose colors that will match or enhance the decor already in your home.  You want to compliment a space, but not overpower it.  We offer a variety of colors; we have some softer, neutral tones for a more conservative style and bolder tones for a fun statement. Sheepskin throw pillows make the perfect addition to any room.


Sheepskin pillows are a great way to add texture to your home. They are fluffy, furry and full. They soften up a space and give a room a change of texture. Sheepskin pillows can loosen up a space, making it less sharp and rigid. This works to add depth and character. They are a great way to add warmth without forgoing a polished look. When adding sheepskin pillows to your home the options are endless. Remember these easy steps to creating a stylish and sophisticated home with sheepskin. Decorate with sheepskin pillows




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