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Sheepskin for your Wedding!

sheepskin banner 1 Every bride dreams about planning the perfect wedding that is filling with personal detail and unique surroundings. Couples want to communicate who they are through the little details that all their invited guest experience. This is not without the help of the décor that is thoughtfully and carefully fashioned around the ceremonial and reception areas. [caption id="attachment_2792" align="aligncenter" width="600"]Single Sheepskin Rug in Paco Single Sheepskin Rug in Paco[/caption] There is always a bigger or better way of contributing décor to enhance the vision that was once dreamed. In the past there has been bridal parties that have incorporated sheepskin rugs to vividly enhance their wedding theme. Some themes that have become prevalent with the décor of incorporating a  New Zealand Sheepskin are of course none other than the winter wedding, bohemian wedding, and the industrial style woodlands wedding. These styles have all become more mainstream, mainly because of the willingness of the DIY bride herself. This goes back to giving the occasion a personal touch. Couples who are getting married today are contributing more when it comes to showing how much personality they put into their joyous event. Incorporating aspects such as warmth and comfort really enforce the guest to feel more at home when laying genuine sheepskin rugs on any surface. [caption id="attachment_2794" align="aligncenter" width="600"]Single Sheepskin In Espresso Single Sheepskin In Espresso[/caption] Like most furs, sheepskin has always been a neutral texture that melds well with other textures and fabrics. For instance, our Ivory White Sheepskin would go great with any themed wedding that looks to nature as an inspiration.  Winter wedding are events that can go either rustic or extremely glamorous. These sheepskin rugs can also balance out the look of a chic wedding that has incorporated dark tones or almost clinical looking furniture. The contribution of the sheepskin rug can brighten and warm up any setting and is also such a great form of decor in that of its versatility. [caption id="attachment_2812" align="aligncenter" width="400"]Valley Wedding Valley Wedding[/caption]




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