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Decorate with sheepskin rugs

What better way to beautify your home than with a luscious sheepskin rug? The soft look and feel of a sheepskin rug can enhance all corners of your house, from the bathroom to the kitchen. Plush sheepskin rugs can define your home and go with any of your decorating schemes due to their timeless appeal and beneficial qualities. You can even layer rugs for a statement piece.

Sheepskin Rug Decor Ideas

Here are a few ways to unique ways to use sheepskin in your home:

Perfect for the bedroom or child's nursery

They make a great addition to your bedroom or a child's nursery. Sheepskin rugs can add comfort and padding for little ones learning how to walk and provide a cozy feel for parents. Make sure to shop the baby sheepskin category if you are considering purchasing a sheepskin for your baby.

Pamper your pets

Sheepskin rugs are also great for new and older pets alike. Simply place a rug where your pet likes to lounge to give them a comfy place to relax. Sheepskin rugs are designed to ease arthritic pain in older animals and give puppies a soft spot to sleep. A sheepskin rug can replace a drab pet bed to give your furry friends the luxury they deserve.

Sheepskin in the kitchen or bathroom

Sheepskin rugs can turn your kitchen and bathrooms into a chic paradise. Place a sheepskin rug by the bath to treat your toes after you shower. Sheepskin rugs can also be placed over bar stools and dining room chairs to keep your guests comfortable. A sheepskin rug around your table can make a casual dinner into a glamorous celebration.

Add a warm touch to your office

Sheepskin rugs can enhance your office and library as well. Make your workplace more relaxing and comfortable with a sheepskin rug over your desk chair or in front of your bookshelves. Use sheepskin rugs to add texture to a room with a neutral color scheme for an instant sophisticated accent that will invite you in.

Sheepskin is versatile

A sheepskin rug can make a great hallway runner to add warmth to your house. These rugs can be used as throw blankets to keep you cozy on the couch. If you're hosting a party and don't have enough chairs for guests, simply add a rug to a chest or bench for instant comfort. Make a spare room into a lounge with sheepskin rugs and pillows, or add a rug to a breakfast nook for a comfy reading space.

Sheepskin can even be used outside

Turn your outdoor porch into a place of rest and relaxation that your family is sure to enjoy. A sheepskin rug can warm a screened porch or deck. The opportunities are endless with sheepskin rugs in your home! If you have any difficulty choosing a rug or have any additional questions don't hesitate to e-mail, chat, or give us a call.

Benefits of Sheepskin Rugs

Sheepskin area rugs have many benefits over wall to wall carpeting. While carpeting can be nice, its not easy to replace and it takes more cleaning due to it being much larger than an area rug. We will explore some of the benefits of area rugs and in particular wool area rugs:


Sheepskin area rugs are very resilient due to wool being naturally springy. This allows the fibers to recover very quickly from indents by furniture. Also, it will allow the area rug to look fresh and new for much longer.

Stain and Flame Resistant

Sheepskin is very stain resistant, which keeps your area rugs cleaner. Wool has a coating of natural lanolin which helps to stop dirt and stains from penetrating the wool and leaves any soiling near the surface. This makes area rug cleaning very easy.Wool is flame resistant making it a safe choice for any room.

Easy to Incorporate in a Design

Wool area rugs come in many beautiful styles and colors, giving you huge flexibility to match up a rug with your room's style.




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