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Sheepskin Yoga Mats


The benefits of yoga are countless, for example, it is great for your heart, helps calm your mind and is wonderful for toning your body.  sheepskin yoga matMost people use the standard rubber mat when they practice but according to an article in the London Evening Standard wool yoga mats are becoming quite popular with yogi's.

Jasmine Gardner writes about sheepskin yoga mats in her article Rolling out the Wooly Yoga Mat. She writes about all of the benefits that a sheepskin can add to the yoga experience that a regular yoga mat won't provide.

Just when you thought you had every piece of yoga kit you could ever require, there go Demi Moore and her boyfriend carrying sheepskin yoga mats over their shoulders.

Exclusive - Demi Moore Proudly Carries A Single White Rose As She Leaves Her Yoga Class

Gardner continues to explain that before you run out to buy a new sheepskin yoga mat you should know that this type of mat is generally used for a form of yoga called Kundalini.

“Sheepskin is seen as a way of protecting your energy from the energy of the earth but it’s also very practical as it has a lot of cushioning, which is what you want when you are in seated postures,” explains Natalie Wells, a kundalini teacher who runs Kundalini Yoga London and uses a sheepskin mat herself.

Read the full article and learn more about sheepskin yoga mats used in Kundalini yoga and view our Sheepskin Yoga Mats.




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