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Sheepskin Benefits

Sheepskin is dense, yet breathable. It is also soft, plush, and extremely durable. The attributes of real sheep skin can’t be matched by man-made materials.

Acts as a natural thermostat

Sheep skin regulates body temperature. Sheep skin has been known to act as a natural thermostat. It is made of hollow fibers making it exceptionally breathable. This allows it to provide warmth without causing overheating. The hollow fibers also help to release moisture up to seven-times quicker than synthetic products.

Provides amazing health benefits for skin

Lanolin in sheep skin is exceptional for human skin. It has been used by people as far back as 700 BC. Lanolin closely resembles lipids found in the human skin making it a perfect fit. It is a semi-permeable substance, so it protects while it absorbs. Lanolin holds 400-times its own weight in water, so it acts as one of nature’s finest moisturizers.

Hypoallergenic and bacteria resistant

Genuine sheepskins are naturally hypoallergenic and antibacterial. Lanolin has a self cleaning quality, which prevents bacteria growth. The spiral shape of the sheep skin fiber collects and traps particles floating in the air. This helps to reduce airborne allergens and dust. It cleans the air in your home without collecting bacteria and allergens. Unlike sheepskin, synthetic fibers harbor bacteria and allergens, which can lead to sickness and allergic reaction.

Flame-retardant and static resistant

Sheep skins are naturally flame-retardant; they can hold over 30% of their own weight in moisture before they begin to feel wet. It's less likely to catch fire and if it should, it will take longer to burn. It is also naturally resistant to static electricity: no more annoying shocks.




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