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Sheepskin Rugs- A Must Have For Any Home


Intrior design blog Centsational Girrecently published an article titled "Joining the Club: Sheepskin Rugs."  The post features some design inspiration on how to incorporate sheepskin rugs in to the home.  Take a look at some of the fabulous ways you can use sheepskin in your house,


I find the simplest accessories bring great comfort and this time of year it’s all things furry and fuzzy. We have a small collection of faux fur blankets to drape over the beds or sofas for chilly nights. I do love my Mongolian lambswool pillow cover, and recently I succumbed to the lure of the sheepskin rug.


Why choose between draping sheepskin over your couch or laying it on the floor when you can do both?  It's something unique and chic.


Soften that hard plastic chair you bought from Ikea by draping a soft sheepskin over it, and don't forget about a cow hide rug for the floor.


Forget about that standard bath rug that everyone has in their bathroom, try a sheepskin rug instead, a totally modern look that is absolutely beautiful.




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