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Shearling Sheepskin Outerwear Care & Cleaning


Spot Cleaning

  • perfect for any smaller sized stain
  • spot clean using a moist soft cloth and cleaning solution
  • use recommended Cloud Nine All Purpose Sheepskin Spray Cleaner & Protector or Eucalan Wool Wash mixed with water
  • water temperature maximum 38C or 100F
  • start by cleaning on the outside area and work into the center in a circular motion
  • use a dry cloth to apply pressure and remove excess moisture
  • allow to naturally air dry
Please Note: Professional cleaning is recommended for removing large stains.


  • for added protection; you can use a scent free protectant on your outerwear
  • never spray the fur area
  • ensure that you are only using the spray on suede or leather items
  • make sure to spot test the protectant in a non visible area
  • you can use a suede brush to remove dirt, debris and scuff marks
  • always brush with the grain of the suede
  • do not brush too hard, use light gentle strokes
Note: For added protection we suggest spraying your Sheepskin Outwear with a scent free protectant every couple of months. This will ensure they are more water resistant and will stay in better shape.


  • make sure to store your outerwear  in a cool well ventilated area
  • do not store in damp or wet condition
Note: Never store your sheepskin outerwear in direct sunlight or dry them over a heated vent. This can cause fading, and can wreck the suede. Always allow your product to air dry naturally. Do not store in plastic packaging for any extended period of time as condensation may occur.




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